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Bhakti Movement
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In this course sikender will be teaching the medival history of India, All the topics have been elaborated while explaining

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  1. Bhakti Movement

  2. BHAKTI MOVEMENT IN MEDIEVAL INDIA Bhakti movement in medieval India is a different kind Different from Ancient Bhakti movement -Bhakti reformers like Ramananda, Kabir and Nana.

  3. Sufism Sufism was a liberal reform movement within Islam - origin in Persia. Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti. Disciples are called Sufis of the Chishti order. Bahauddin Zakariya disciples Suhrawardi Order.

  4. - Sufism stressed the elements of love and devotion as effective means of the realisation of God. They were against statue preaching meditation, good actions, repentance for sins, performance of prayers and pilgrimages, fasting, charity and suppression of passions by ascetic practices.

  5. Bhakti Movement Sankara started a Hindu revivalist movement. - Born in Kaladi in Kerala:Doctrine of Advaita. Ramanuja, who was born at Sriperumbudur :Visishtadvaita. - Surdas was the disciple of Vallabhacharya. - Tulsidaswas a worshipper of Rama. Ramananda, Kabir and Nanak

  6. Ramananda Originally a follower of Ramanuja. First to employ the vernacular medium -Kabir 1. Disciples of Ramananda. 2. His followers are called Kabirpanthis.

  7. Guru Nanak Founder of the Sikh religion He denounced caste distinctions Chaitanya -Gnanadeva -Namadeva Ekanatha Tukaram