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Administration of Delhi Sultanate
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In this course sikender will be teaching the medival history of India, All the topics have been elaborated while explaining

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  1. Administration of Delhi Sultanate

  2. Ministers to Sultan - 1. Wazin Prime Minister and Finance Minister - 2. Diwani-I-Risalt Foreign Affairs Minister 3. Sadr-us-Suddar Minister of Islamic Law. - 4. Diwan-1-Insha Correspondence Minister -5. Diwan-I-Ariz Defence or War Minister - 6. Qazi-ul-quzar

  3. Central Administration - The Sultan was the head of the empire. - The empire was divided into several Iqtas. - Divided into smaller units called Shiqgs, Parganas and the Villages. Land revenue was the main source of income.

  4. Judicial Administration - Qazi-ul-quzar was the Chief Judicial officer. - Foreign Muslims, Indian Muslims and Hindus. Textile industry was the primary industry Bengal and Gujarat were famous for their quali fabrics

  5. Art and Architecture - Qutubminar, Quwat-ul-1slam mosque,the tombs of Nasir-ud-din Muhammad and Balban: Mamluk Dargah of Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Aulia - Alai Darwaza: Khilji - Tughluq period did not give importance to ornamentation Lodi Garden and Moti Masjid in New Delhi and the tomb of Sikandar Lodi Lodi 1:

  6. Literature Urdu language originated during the Sultanate period. Tarikh-ul-Hind (Alberuni) :Ghajni Tughlaqnama (Amir Khusrau ): Allauddin khilzi

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