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India under the Mughals(English)
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In this course sikender will be teaching the medival history of India, All the topics have been elaborated while explaining

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  2. Economic and Social Life Many European travellers and traders came to India. They also mentioned the poverty and sufferings of the ordinary people. Agriculture 1. A large variety of crops such as wheat, rice, gram, barley, pulses were cultivated. 2. cotton, indigo, sugarcane and oil-seeds. 3. Two new crops, namely, tobacco and maize were added

  3. Growth of Trade - Seth, bohra traders specialized in long distance trade while local traders were called banik. - The Guajarati merchants included the Hindus, Jains and Muslims. Rajasthan, Oswals, Maheshwaris and Agarwals came to be called the Marwaris. Bengal exported sugar, rice as well as delicate muslin and silk. The balance of trade was maintained by the import of gold and silver.

  4. Cultural Development under the Mughals Indian traditions were blended with Turko-Iranian culture. Nishat Bagh in Kashmir, the Shalimar Bagh at Lahore and the Pinjore garden in the Punjab. - Mausoleum at Sasaram in Bihar and the Purana Qila near Delhi: Sher Shah Agra Fort, Lahore and Allahabad fort ,palacecum-fort complex: Akbar - Red Fort at Delhi with its Rang Mahal, Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i- Khaswas: Shah Jahan Humayun's tomb during Akbar's Reign.

  5. Nur Jahan built the tomb of Itimaddaulah at Agra. Pietra dura: This method became more popular during the reign of Shah Jahan. Moti Masjid at Agra. Mir Sayyid Ali and Abdal Samad were gfamous painters of Humayun. - Baswan, Miskina and Daswant attained great positions as Akabar's court artists Abul Hasan, Bishan Das, Madhu, Anant, Manohar, Govardhan and Ustad Mansur painters at Jahangir's court.

  6. Akbar patronized Tansen of Gwalior. Ain-i-Akba Leading poet Abul Faizi. Tuzuk-i-Jahangiriwas. Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas. ri and Akabar Nama authored by Abul Fazl.

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