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Delhi Sultanate Part : 1
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In this course , sikender will be teaching the medival history of the India.All the topics have been elaborated while explaining.

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  1. Delhi Sultanate

  2. SULTANATE OF DELHI The period from 1206 A.D. to 1526 A.D. came to be known as the Sultanate period. 5 dyansties 1. Slave 2. Khaljis 3. Tughlaqs 4. Sayyids 5. Lodis

  3. MAMALUK DYNASTY/Slave/Ghulam: Qutb-ud-dinAibak (1206-1210A.D.) commander of Muhammad of Ghori. He did not issue coins. He built Quwat-ul-lslam mosque at Ajmer. Dhai Dinka Jhonpara mosque at Delhi - Started the construction of Qutb Minar.

  4. Iltutmish (1211 -1236 A.D.) Aibak made him as his son-in-law. He killed Aram Shah, the son of Aibak. -Iltutmish was surrounded by enemies on al Iltutmish refused to give shelter to Jalal-ud-din Mangabarni, the Shah of Khwarizm Iltutmish also introduced copper Jital. completed by Iltutmish - He defeated Udai Singh. - Construction of Qutub Minar started by Aibak was

  5. Sultana Raziah (1236-1240 A.D.) First woman ruler of Sultanate period. Her rule ended in 1240A.D. because of a conspiracy by the Turkish nobles -The successors of Raziah were weak and hence Balban rose to power in 1265A.D

  6. Balban 1265-1 287A.D - Ghiyasuddin Balban was an important ruler. He introduced Poibos. Destroyed the 'Corps of Forty He patronized Amir Khusrau who is called as the Parrot of India

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