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Pre History and finding of the Indus Valley Civilisation (in Hindi)
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This lesson talks about pre-history, proto-history and history. It discusses the stone age with specific reference to the South Asian Subcontinent. It introduces the Harappan Civilization, to be continued in the next lesson.

Nandini Maharaj is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nandini Maharaj
MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons.) History from LSR, reader, dancer, love to teach, AIR 42 in 2018 UPSC

Unacademy user
4.67/10,correct answer-1,2,6,7,8,9.....wrong answer-3,4,5,10
Taught in a wonderfully lucid manner, voice modulation is superb.
Mam Bhimbetka is palaeolithic... A/T both Tamil Nadu & CBSE NCERT... Please correct it... Thank You
Saransh Pathak
3 years ago
bhimbetka is in madhyapradesh, it is a striking site of pre-historic painting of "MESOLITHIC AGE"
Akash Sharma
3 years ago
Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), an government department is also saying that {{{The Mesolithic culture at Bhimbetka continued much longer as understood by the presence of Chalcolithic potteries in otherwise Mesolithic contexts}}} so Nitin das correct your facts
Nitin Das
3 years ago
OK thank you so much, for correction.
Nitin Das
3 years ago
But in case of such clash of facts, on what sources should we rely? NCERT or ASI?
Akash Sharma
3 years ago
After checking NCERT book class 6 page 14 there is a map which is showing Bhimbetka as palaeolithic it is very confusing topic right now
Nitin Das
3 years ago
exactly.. thats what I was trying to point out... Even toppers says we should not overlook NCERT... Any ways If it comes I will go with NCERT for sure.
Nitin Das
3 years ago
Thank You Akash for ASI wala input, I was not aware of it.
Akash Sharma
3 years ago
i read more about Bhimbetka some books and study material available online is say that Bhimbetka can be example of both THE ERA palaeolithic and MESOLITHIC also :)
Thnk mam for hindi lecture very helpful for us...hattsoff ur effort mam
mam please tell me the optional booklist for world history in hindi medium as my history is optional subject in mains in hindi please please tell me.
Imam pls Hindi medium ka video upload kijiye
  1. Pre-Historic South Asia and the Harrapan Civilization

  2. About me BA (Hons.) History from LSR . MA in Applied Human Rights e Kapila-Hingorani Scholar Kapila-Hingorani Scholar o Love dancing, reading and teaching

  3. Pre-History and History Pre-history no written records o History- written sources o Proto history- term to define areas where the line between pre-history and proto history gets blurry For example, there are written sources from the Harrapan civilization, but they have not been deciphered.

  4. People in pre-historic South Asia Some hunting-gathering settlements - near banks of Narmada . Hints of agricultural settlements - evidence of rice grown near Vindhyas 8000 years ago; Sulaiman and Kirthar Hills; Garo hills Sources - archeological sites - factory and habitation e Usually near water bodies Evidence of fire (ash found) from Kurnool caves

  5. Stone Ages And After lithic' root- Divisions on the basis of geological age, the type and technology of stone tools, and subsistence base 3 phases - Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithis 6000 BP - Chalcolithic (first use of copper) 2600 BCE - Harrapan Civilization 1000 BCE - Iron, Megaliths 600BCE- 400CE - Early Historic . lithic' root - means stone

  6. . Paleolithic India) . Mesolithic old stone age 2mya-12000 years ago (Hungsi; ostriches in middle stone age 12000-1000o years ago (art; Bhimbetka; microliths) Neolithic New stone age from 1000o years ago till different times in different parts of the world (agriculture; domestication; Burzahom in Kashmir, Mehrgarh, Bolan Pass, Pakistan -route to Iran - rectanqular houses and burial sites; Daojali Hading route to China and Myanmar - evidence of trade)

  7. The Harrapan Civilization Named after the first discovered site o From 2600 BCE to 1900 BCE (new research may push back the date) e Divided into 3 phases - Early, Mature and Late . Spread from Afghanistan to Gujarat Spread from Afghanistan to Gujarat

  8. INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION HARAPPA AND MOHENJO-DARO Harappa Mehrgarh Mohenjo-Daro Lothal Bay Arabian Sea Bengal -Saraswati Rver (Dry Riven urrent Courtry Map not to scale Copyright 2012 www.maps on Updated on 9th April 2012)

  9. Discovery 1924-John Marshall, Director-General of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) announced the discovery of a new civilization . Contemporaneous with Mesopotamia . Related trivia - Alexander Cunningham was the first DG of ASI. He came across many Harrapan artefacts during his investigations, but could not place it in the then known time frame of the South Asian subcontinents history.

  10. Subsistence Base . Ate plants, animals and fish e Many irrigation arrangements found - canals at Shurtughai, Afghanistan o Bull and plough was known - ploughed field at Kalibangan Aigh and bl ugh was known- ploughed ed a (Rajasthan) . Bull representation on seals . Terracotta models of plough - Cholistan and Banawali (Haryana) o Water reservoirs - Dholavira (Gujarat) . Stone tools for grinding -querns, rollers, pounder . Cotton cultivated at Merhgarh