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Overview: Scientific Shortcuts To Success: Increasing Willpower - Our Biggest Asset

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Roman Saini

This collection provides a scientific analysis of willpower, its understanding, destroys myths and misconceptions surrounding willpower and provides means to increase one's willpower. The first lesson helps understand the scientific basis of willpower, the areas in which improving willpower can help you and how will it provide you scientific shortcuts to success. The next lesson starts with some scientific definitions of willpower. It then follows on bursting various myths associated with the concept of willpower like willpower is abstract, it can't be measured, I’ve enough willpower/this lesson won’t help, willpower is infinite etc. The third lesson describes how willpower actually functions, how people are spending 25% of all their waking hours in resisting various desires and urges, why our ancestors had huge reserves of willpower and lead a near perfect life. The fourth lesson describes the major studies conducted in the field of willpower research & their outcomes. It starts with Marshmallow experiment of Walter Mischel at Stanford. It also covers the self-regulation research. The next lesson deals with some important principles which one needs to keep in mind to improve their willpower. The sixth lesson continues the discussion on the Principles to improve Willpower and it talks about how we should not aim for perfection in most of the fields. The next lesson explains the science & art of effective goal setting.The final lesson discusses in detail about procrastination and related concepts.