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Lesson 1 (in Hindi)
just need a we know that when any any plate subduct under other plate,formation of mountains takes place and due to to melting of subducted plate in aesthenosphere it leads to formation of volcanoes behind mountains...same process had happend in the formation of himalayas but why there are no volcanoes behind himalayas but a plateau of tibet?
Ashna Sisodia
2 years ago
the process you are talking about happens when oceanic plate subducts under continental plate. but in case of Himalayas the two plates that collided both were continental plate hence no volcano formation in Himalayas.
Fateh Meena
a year ago
Mam there were volcanos around pamir knot before formation of himalaya due to subduction of tethys due to same density of both plate there is no subduction.. They are pressing each other..