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Important Terms of Break Even Analysis (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on important terms of break even analysis.

Harshit Aggarwal
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Soma Agrawal
4 months ago
Avinash I am really sorry for delay of lessons but I promise in this week I will complete the course👍

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  3. IMPORTANT TERMS I. Angle of Incidence (e): It is the angle at which total sales lines cuts the total cost line and if the angle is large it is an indication that profits are being made at a much higher rate otherwise vice- versa. 2) CONTRIBUTION:-(Contrbuhon It is difterence of totel sales It s als calles as Haal total vasiable cost CM= Total sales-. TotaQ variable c0H

  4. IMPORTANT TERMS (81) i ves elaion between Volme -tke Portabilng in elafion 4o ale Total Sales- ot Vaviable Cast Totel sales

  5. IMPORTANT TERMS atio e ven Poi Mos oofit BEP Sales ( %),ario Sales) BEP | MoS Sale

  6. QUESTION A component can be produced by four processes. To produce 100 units, which process should be used. Processes Fixed Cost Variable Cost 20 50 40 10 IV 4 Total Cost = Fixed Cost + Variable Cost * x TC = FC + v * x =50 + 1 * 100 150

  7. QUESTION Fixed Cost Rs 4500/- Total Variable Cost = Rs 7500/- Total Sales = Rs 15000 /- Unit Sold = 5000 Find Out (i) Break Even Point in units (i) Margin of Safety (ii) Profit (iv) Volume of sales to earn profit of RS 6000/

  8. SOLUTION 3) MoS ales S-3s) BE Pisale ) os 2-1.s)