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Idioms and Phrases PART - 4 (In Marathi)
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In this particular lessons Durgesh Makwan discussing 10 Idioms and Phrases.

Durgesh Makwan
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  2. English Vocabulary 300 + Selected Idioms and Phrases MPSC Mains & Combine Mains Exam

  3. PART -4

  4. A bird of passage A migratory bird / a person who passes through a place without . He was a bird of passage until he married and bought a house.

  5. 2 A herculean task very hard to perform, a work that needs tremendous efforts Gandhi faces a Herculean task of putting together a stable government.

  6. 3 A bone of contention A cause of quarrel / An unresolved problem We have fought for so long that we have forgotten what the bone of contention is.

  7. 4 A jail bird a person who is or has been in prison, especially a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly . When the boss discovered that the clerk used to be a jail bird he dismissed him at once

  8. 5 A burning question Issue that is keenly(Eagerly discuss Who will win the General Election in 2019 that's a burning question for the whole Nation.

  9. 6 A knotty point A complicated matter There exists many a knotty point to be adjusted between him ano me.

  10. 7 An achilles heels Weak point/ spot, A small but fatal (aldcp)weakness I'm just figuring out his weakness, everybody has an achilles heel.