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Idioms and Phrases PART - 24 (In Marathi)
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In this particular lessons Durgesh Makwan discussing 10 Important Idioms and Phrases for MPSC Mains.

Durgesh Makwan
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  2. English Vocabulary 300 + Selected Idioms and Phrases MPSC Mains & Combine Mains Exam

  3. PART-24

  4. To play a straight bat Try to do one's best in an orthodox- manner Even if you are on friendly terms with the interviewer, you should always play a straight bat during a job interview.

  5. 2 Cry in the wilderness One who expresses an unpopular opinion or idea, . He was a voice crying in the wilderness as he tried to expose the vast corruption within the organization.

  6. 3 lo give away To distribute without any charge, a thing that is given free, often for promotional purposes He decided to give away everything he possessed and become a monk.

  7. 4 Cock and bull Story an implausible story used as an explanation or excuse . He told us some cock-and-bull story about having lost all his money.

  8. 5 To get over To recover from something It took me a very long time to get over the shock of her death.

  9. 6 Close shave a narrow escape from danger or disaster clc I had a close shave this morning, some idiot almost knocked me off my bike

  10. 7 To Get into to become interested in an activity or subject, to be involved in . She's been getting into yoga recently, she does three classes a week.