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Idioms and Phrases PART - 3 (In Marathi)
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In this particular lessons Durgesh Makwan discussing 10 Important Idioms and Phrases for Govt. Exams.

Durgesh Makwan
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  2. English Vocabulary 300 + Selected Idioms and Phrases MPSC Mains & Combine Mains Exam

  3. PART- 3

  4. A man of his word a person who keeps their promises / a truthful person . He was a man of his word, and I had great respect for his intellect .dnil)

  5. 2 An old flame a former or ex- lover / a sweetheart in the past Ranveer met up with an old flame, and they sat and chatted for a while.

  6. 3 A bed of roses v A state of luxury / activity that is comfortable or easy. . She found that taking care of old parents was not a bed of roses.

  7. 4 An afternoon farmer a lazy or procrastinating person / fellow No Rajesh can't complete this task because I know him very well, he is an afternoon farmer

  8. 5 A duck's egg Zero . An opening batsman ignominiously (CTmRT 1 dismissed fd) for a duck egg.

  9. 6 All and sundry Everyone without any exception, everybody It was clear to all and sundry that something was wrong.

  10. 7 A fish story V An incredible story / exaggerated taaieitguf story e A fisherman told a fish eye story to his grand son that killed a shark when he was young.