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Idioms and Phrases PART - 18 (In Marathi)
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In this particular lessons Durgesh Makwan discussing 10 Important Idioms and Phrases.

Durgesh Makwan
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  2. English Vocabulary 300 + Selected Idioms and Phrases MPSC Mains & Combine Mains Exam

  3. PART- 18

  4. To bell the cat take the danger, to face a risk It is difficult to get a man to bell the cat.

  5. 2 To beat about a bush To talk irrelevant. e Instead of answering my question he began to beat about the bush.

  6. 3 To burn the midnight oil Read or work late into the night, to work very hard till midnight Kapil is asleep after burning the midnight oil trying to finish his article. e

  7. 4 Bring forward To cause to happen earlier. . They decided to bring forward the date of the next meeting.

  8. 5 To hit below the belt To take unfair means, usually irrelevant. In boxing it is a foul to hit below the belt intentionally.

  9. 6 Yearn for Intense feeling of longing for something, to crave for . Do pregnant women really yearn for sour pickles?

  10. 7 To hit the nail on the head Find exactly the right answer, to do the right. He hit the nail on the head, because management is nothing more than motivating other people.