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Idioms and Phrases PART - 15 (In Marathi)
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In this particular lessons Durgesh Makwan discussing 10 Important Idioms and Phrases for MPSC Mains.

Durgesh Makwan
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  2. English Vocabulary 300 + Selected Idioms and Phrases MPSC Mains & Combine Mains Exam

  3. PART-15

  4. Through thick and thin under all circumstances, no matter how difficult, through every .She's always been there for me through thick and thin, so I can't turn my back on her now.

  5. 2 To eat humble pie To make to offer a humble apology, Mr. Wang had to eat humble pie for his poor behavior. .

  6. 3 The prince of darkness a name for the Devil. . All doors are open enough to the prince of darkness, but Jesus must clear a way for himself or lodge in the streets.

  7. 4 To hand over Pass responsibility to someone else, to transfer from one to The robbers forced them to hand over the money.

  8. 5 Through fire and water To face many challenges in the process of doing or accomplishing something at odUTHI 3 64T I feel like we had to go through fire andwater to get here, since all of our flights were either delayed or canceled

  9. 6 To die in the last ditch To fight till death, to die rather than surrender .All the soldiers are determined to die in the last ditch.

  10. 7 Barter system A barter system is an old method of exchange. It is difficult to image saving under a barter system. e