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Day 41 : Daily Mcq Series Paper 1 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
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madam purn jihle nahit ka
Ashwini jadhav
4 months ago
Ahe Sir ek ek dist aapan cover karat ahot
u r the best sir..thanks for these lessons..

  2. 1.Any population constant is called a: . (a) Statistic . (b) Parameter (c) Estimate . (d) Estimator

  3. 2. List of all the units of the population is called: . (a) Random sampling . (b) Bias (c) Sampling frame (d) Probability sampling

  4. 3. If all the units of a population are surveyed it is called: . (a) Random sample . (b) Random sampling . (c) Sampled population . (d) Complete enumeration

  5. 4. The difference between a statistic and the parameter is called: . (a) Probability . (b) Sampling error . (c) Random . (d) Non-random

  6. 5. Standard deviation of sampling distribution of a statistic is called: . (a) Serious error . (b) Dispersion (c) Standard error . (d) Difference