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Day 17 Mcq Series : Communication (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

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Thanks Sir, Very important mcq discussed in this lesson. My Net is coming..
Sir ji question number 8 ka d hoga.. Research ethics at the time of reporting
sir, I would request you to give us a lesson where 100 most expected MCQ's along with the answer, when exams are nearer
thank u so much sir aapne video upload karva di bahut time se wait kar rhe h
thanku sir for communication mcq ....they give lots of Information

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  4. .Q1) Effective communication pre-supposes * 1. Non-alignment 2. Domination 3. Passivity 4. Understanding

  5. Q2) Positive classroom communication leads to 1. Coercion . 2. Submissiorn 3. Confrontation * 4. Persuasion

  6. Q3) Expressive communication is driven by 1. Passive aggression 2. Encoder's personality characteristics 3. External clues 4. Encoder-decoder contract

  7. Q4) The typical feature of information-rich classroom lecture is in the nature of being 1. Sedentary ' 2. Staggered 3. Factual . 4. Sectoral

  8. .Q5) The principal of a school conducts an interview session of teachers and students with a view to explore the possibility of their enhanced participation in school programmers. This Endeavour may be related to which type of research? 1. Evaluation Research . 2. Fundamental Research .3. Action Research . 4. Applied Research

  9. Q6) In doing action research what is the usual sequence of steps? . 1. Reflect, observe, plan, act .2. Plan, act, observe, reflect . 3. Plan, reflect, observe, act . 4. Act, observe, plan, reflect

  10. Q7) Which sequence of research steps is logical in the list given below? 1. Problem formulation, Analysis, Development of Research design, Hypothesis making, Collection of data, Arriving at generalizations and conclusions. 2. Development of Research design, Hypothesis making, Problem formulation, Data analysis, Arriving at conclusions and data collection . 3. Problem formulation, Hypothesis making, Development of a Research design, Collection of a Data; Data analysis and n of generalizations and conclusions. .4. Problem formulation, Deciding about the sample and data collection tools Formulation of hypothesis, Collection and interpretation of research evidence

  11. .Q9) In which of the following, reporting format is formally prescribed? . 1. Doctoral level thesis 2. Conference of researchers 3. Workshops and seminars . 4. Symposium