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Day 18 Mcq Series : Classroom Communication (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

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friends but I couldn't watch all chapeters as I couldn't download about 9 chapter s
8 months ago
update ur unacademy app
8 months ago
update ur unacademy app
Thanks Sir, Very important mcq discussed in this lesson. My Net is coming.
Sir I hv no money ...I want to inrol this course very upset😔
Gauri Kaur
a month ago
money is not needed to enroll this course... u can see all the free courses of all educators... and now u can see special classes also without enrollment.. bs jis b educator ki class dekhni h unki profile pe jaiye aur saari classess aapko free courses aur special classess me mil jayegi.. don't worry.. unacademy is very helpful for everyone. u just have to study hard.. talvir sir ki aur unacademy ki help se u will definitely crack the exam... all the best.. and study hard.. 😊😊😊
thanku sir for mcq series ....plss keep doing this
sir ques no. 2 me answer second option kyu ni
sir g 8 ka c q nhi hoga g answer plzzz btao g
CS Das
a year ago
same doubt I too have Sirji, please clear karwa dijiye

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  3. DAY 18

  4. Q1) Decoding is associated with . A) Message Sender . B) Message Receiver . C) Both of the above . D) None of the above

  5. Q2) The biggest obstacle in the way of communication in a class is . A) Excess of noise in a class B) Vagueness about the content of a teacher . C) The noise out of class and other related obstacles . D) Lack in teaching aid material

  6. Q3) An effective communication produces in receiver . A) Happiness . B) Acceptance . C) Its access to other people . D) Thinking

  7. Q4) Which of the following group is not making a communication process defective in a class room? A) Reversing-Evaluating-Focussing . B) Evaluating-Focussing-Eliciting . C) Evaluating-Focussing-Exaggerating D) Evaluating-Eliciting-Exaggerating

  8. .Q5) If your students remain unsatisfied even after . A) You will leave aside all fruitful efforts of teaching in . B) You will be doing your best efforts again and again . C) You will think that again and again repetition of the D) You will be keeping sympathetic behaviour with your teaching a particular lesson or content, what would you like to do under these conditions order to enhance their understanding till they will not understand the content same content is mere a destroying the time the students

  9. Q6) Which of the following is not matched with the nature of communication? . A) A directional process . B) A feed-back process . C) A dynamic process D) A passive process

  10. Q7) In which of the following situations the students can interact to one another in more liberal(free) environment? . A) In discussions within the small group B) By using Film Projector . C) By T.V. viewing . D) In Expert's lectures

  11. Q9) Which of the following is a best method to control noise in the class room situation? keep silence the noise in the class A) To give warning to the students that they must th rbopeak louedly by the teacher to keep pace with C) To watch the class silently and minutely scan the class D) To ignore the student's noise, stand confidently and start teaching .