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Daily Current Affairs MCQs - 6th March 2019
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This lesson deals with the Daily Current Affairs MCQs of 6th March 2019

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi
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  1. DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS MCQ'S: 6TH MARCH'2019 Presented by Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi

  2. Courses: Daily Current Affairs MCQ's (May Till date) 3000+ MCQ's from Previous Papers with Analysis o Analysis of Daily Current Affairs o International Relations Summary - Yojana Summary -Science Reporter Indian Polity o Unacademy Plus : Code - ajaykumar0692 o

  3. 1. Choose the correct statements about recent analysis of Air Pollution by Greenpeace and Air Visual Analysis Gurugram, Haryana has topped the list of cities with air pollution in the world a Bangladesh is the most polluted country in the world followed by Indio 3. Every single city in Africa and Middle East has exceeded WHOs guidelines A1 and 2 B. 2 and 3 c 1 and 3 D. All the above 2.

  4. Answer: C o Report on Air Pollution Based on 2018 air quality data from public monitoring sources As per the readings of 3000 cities around the world-64% exceed WHOs annual exposure guideline for PM 2.5 (Fine particulate matter) O 15 Indian cities Out of Top 20 cities with highest pollution o Bangladesh Topped as most polluted country followed by Pakistan and then India o Every single city in Middle East and Africa exceeds WHO guidelines 99% cities in South Asia and 89% in South East Asia : Same case

  5. 2. Al Nagah 2019 is a bilateral joint exercise between India and which among the following countries: A. UAE 8. Saudi Arabia C. Qatar D. Oman

  6. Answer: D o Exercise Al Nagah : Bilateral joint exercise between India and Oman Third Edition-12th to 25th March 2019 @ Jabel Al Akhdar Mountains in Oman Both armies-Exchange expertise and experience in tactics, weapon handling and firing o AimTo enhance interoperability in counterterrorist operations in semi urban mountainous terrain Similar exercises Between navies and air forces of both the nations o Highlights growing bilateral military and strategic partnership between the two important nations of Indian Ocean Region

  7. 3. Choose the correct statements about findings of National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey: 93.1% of households were found to have access to toilets 96.5% people who had access to toilets used them 2. 3, 95.4% of the villages surveyed found to have minimal litter and minimal stagnant water A and 2 B. 2 and 3 c 1 and 3 D. All the above

  8. Answer: D O National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey 2018-19 : Conducted by Independent Verification Agency Conducted between November 2018 and February 2019 - Covered 92040 households in 6136 villages across States and UTs of Indica Findings: 93.1% of households were found to have access to toilets during the survey period 96.5% of the people who had access to toilets used them 90.7% of villages which were previously declared and verified as ODF were confirmed to be ODF. The remaining villages also had sanitation coverage of about 93% 95.4% of the villages surveyed found to have minimal litter and minimal stagnant water a. b. d.

  9. 4. Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi is being implemented by which among the following: A. Ministry of Finance 8. Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship . Niti Aayog D. Ministry of Labour and Employment

  10. Answer: D o Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan : Pension scheme for unorganized workers o Being implemented for an estimated 42 crore workers in the unorganized sector constituting around 85% of the total Labour force of the country o Central sector scheme Recently launched by Prime Minister a Made effective since 15th February in all states Unorganised workers whose monthly income is Rs 15000/- or below and who have an Aadhar number as well as savings bank account Eligible O Minimum age 18 years and maximum is 40 years a Implemented by Ministry of Labour and Employment

  11. 5. Jalamrutha' scheme for water conservation was recently launched by which among the following states: A. Karnataka B. Andhra Pradesh c Wet Bengal o. Gujarat

  12. o State level committee Headed by Chief Minister a Monitoring, convergence and guidance of the project a Designs water conservation strategies for state- Consultation with all stakeholders

  13. 7. Choose the correct statements about Asian Games: 1. t is considered as the second largest multi-sport event after Olympic games 2. First ever Asian Games were held in New Delhi in 1951 3. Cricket was never featured in the Asian Games A1 and 2 B. 2 and 3 c 1 and 3 D. All the above

  14. Answer:A Asian Games-Multi sport event held once in every 4 years Among athletes from all over Asia a Organised by Olympic Council of Asia in association with host nation a Considered as 2nd largest multi-sport event after Olympics o First ever Asian Games were held in New Delhi in 1951 Cricket featured in 2010 and 2014 Asian games but was dropped from 2018 Asian Games Olympic Council of Asia Invited Oceania countries including Australia to compete at 2022 Asian games only for few sports a Considering to include cricket again in Asian Games

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