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Weekly Revision Test - 1
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This lesson deals with the Weekly Revision Test 1 covering Current Affairs from 1st to 7th March 2019

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi
Plus Educator, Teaches Current Affairs, Governance, Science and Technology, Internal Security & Disaster Management

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is course ka bohot zarorat tha mam.....thank you so much....mam
Have not understood 6th question, In the earlier session, it was given that Finance bill 2018 was based on recommendation of Narasimhan Committee
Amendment was based on recommendation of the committee
13/15 thnkuu soo much sir
11/15 Thankyou Sir... will try to make it better 🙏🙏
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  1. WEEKLY REVISION TEST-1 (1ST - 7TH MARCH 2019) Presented by Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi

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  3. 1. Which among the following statements is/are incorrect about Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment) Ordinance 2019 which was recently approved by Union Cabinet: 1. It gives an option to children who are Aadhaar number holders to cancel their Aadhaar number on attaining the age of 18 years 2 It prevents denial of services for refusing to, or being unable to under go authentication A 1 only . 2 only c. Both 1 and 2 D. Neither 1 nor 2

  4. 2. Choose the correct statements about Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Act 2004: 1. It provides for reservation in direct recruitment, promotions and admission in different professional courses to SC/ST only 2. The reservations are extended to persons residing in areas adjoining International Border also A 1 only . 2 only c. Both D. None

  5. 3. Which among the following has recently launched Scheme for Translational and Advanced Research in Science to fund science Projects (STARS) A Ministry of HRD Department of Science and Technology B. c. Ministry of Earth Sciences Department of Space D.

  6. 4. Choose the correct statements about FAME India Scheme: 1. The scheme is being administered by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 2. It provides incentives for adoption and market creation of both hybrid and electric technology vehicles in the country 3. It was launched under National Electric Mobility Mission A 1 and 2 B. 2 and 3 B. c 1 and3 D. All the above

  7. 5. Choose the correct statements about Organisation for Islamic Cooperation: . It is the largest inter-governmental organization after UN with a membership of 57 states spread over 4 continents 2. Russia and Thailand are observer nations of OIC A1 only 2 only c. Both 1 and 2 D. Neither 1 nor 2 B.

  8. 6. Choose the correct statements about Transfer of Ownership of National Housing Bank from RBI to the Government of India: 1. Finance Bill 2018 has amended the National Housing Bank Act 1987 to transfer RBI's share to Government of India 2. The amendment was made in accordance with the recommendations of Narasimhan Committee A 1 only . 2 only c. Both 1 and 2 D. Neither 1 nor 2

  9. 7. Which among the following states has recently setup a commission to look after the issues regarding a bill for protection of parents of state government employees: Manipur 8. Uttar Pradesh A. c. Kerala D. Assam

  10. 8 'Kanyashree Prakalpa, is a conditional cash transfer scheme for the girl child. It is being implemented by which among the following states: A. Andhra Pradesh 8. West Bengal Gujarat D. Tamil Nadu c.

  11. 10. Choose the correct statements about Young Scientists Programme which was recently launched: 1. It was launched by ISRO 2. It is a residential training programme of around 2 weeks during Summer vacation It is proposed to select 3 students pursuing Ph.D. from each state and UTs to parficipate in this programme A 1 and 2 B. 2 and 3 c 1 and3 o. 2 only

  12. 12. Choose the correct statements about National Common Mobility Card: A customer can use this single card for making payments across the country including 1. metro, bus, suburban railways, toll, parking 2. NCMC Program has been brought up by the Ministry of Finance 3. These can be used for retail shopping purposes A 1 and 2 B. 2 and 3 B. c 1 and3 D. All the above

  13. 15. Jalamrutha' scheme for water conservation was recently launched by which among the following states: A. Andhra Pradesh West Bengal . c. Karnataka D. Gujarat

  14. Answers: 9. D 1. 2. D 3. 10. 4 12. 5. C 6.c 7. 8. 13. A 14 15. C

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