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Daily Current Affairs MCQs - 14th March 2019
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This lesson deals with the Daily Current Affairs MCQs of 14th March 2019

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Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi
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question no 5. global environment outlook report is released by un environment assembly
It's by UNEP Subham :)
Subham Basak Sanu
10 months ago
ok sir
For Question no 3 option should be B (1 only)
Yes, I have said it while explaining
Rahul Jaiswal
10 months ago
okay sir no problem
  1. DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS MCQ'S: 141H MARCH'2019 Presented by Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi

  2. Courses: Daily Current Affairs MCQ's (May Till date) 3O00+ MCQ's from Previous Papers with Analysis o Analysis of Daily Current Affairs International Relations Summary Yojana Summary -Science Reporter Indian Polity o Unacademy Plus : Code - ajaykumar0692 o https:/

  3. 1. Choose the correct statements about TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers) conv ention which was recently in news: 1. It is a convention adopted under auspices of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 2. It allows the goods to be outlined in a TIR carnet and sealed in load compartments where customs officials need not check physical contents India has not acceded to TIR Convention 3. A 1 and2 8. 2 and3 c. 1 and3 D. All the above

  4. Answer:A TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers) Convention : International transit system under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe o To facilitate the seamless movement of goods within and amongst the Parties to the Convention o India - Joined the convention in 2017 Convention-Goods to be outlined in a TIR carnet and sealed in load compartments o Customs officials Verify the carnet and check the seals, with no need for physical checking of the contents, enabling shipments to pass through countries without opening at borders

  5. TIR convention-Helps in fast and easy movement of goods across multiple countries under common customs document a Help boost India's exports Ensure enhanced security in the supply chain as only approved transporters and vehicles are allowed to operate in terms of the Convention o Recently, First shipment under TIR convention arrived in India from Afghanistan through lran's Chabahar Port

  6. 2. Which among the following has recently released National guidelines on responsible business conduct: A. Ministry of Commerce and Industry 8. NITI Aayog c. Ministry of MSME Ministry of Corporate Affairs D.

  7. Answer: D o Ministry of Corporate Affairs National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct o Also revised National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business, 2011 To ensure responsible business conduct by companies Principles: a. Businesses Conduct and govern themselves with integrity in Ethical, Transparent and Accountable manner b. Businesses Provides Goods and Services in sustainable and safe manner c Should respect and promote the well-being of all employees including in value chains

  8. d. Should respect the interests of and be responsive to all their stakeholders e. should respect and promote human rights f. should respect and make efforts to protect and restore the environment 9 should promote inclusive growth and equitable development should engage with and provide value to their consumers in a responsible manner when engaging in influencing public and regulatory policy, should do so in a manner that is responsible and transparent .

  9. 3. Choose the correct matches from the following pairs: 1. Nice Agreement - International classification of Goods and Services for registration of marks 2. Vienna Agreement - International classification for industrial designs Locarno Agreement International classification of the figurative elements of marks A 1 and 2 3. 8. only C. 2 and 3 D. 3 only

  10. Answer:A a Recently, Union Cabinet has approved India's accession to 3 important agreements A. Nice Agreement -International classification of Goods and Services for the purposes of registration of marks Vienna Agreement-International classification of the figurative elements of marks B. c. Locarno Agreement International classification for Industrial designs These agreements-Instruments of accession or ratification-to be deposited with Director General of WIPO

  11. Accession to the agreements - Harmonize classification systems for examinational of trademark and design applications in line with global system s Gives an opportunity to include Indian design, figurative elements and goods in international classification systems o Instill confidence in foreign investors in relation to protection of IPs in India

  12. 4. Exercise Al Nagah 2019 is a joint military exercise between India and which among the following countries: A. United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia B. c. Oman D. Qatar Oman

  13. 5. Choose the correct statements about Global Environment Outlook Report 1. It is released annually by United National Environment Programme 2. It was first published in 1997 based on the request of the member states 3. It is a consultative and participatory process to prepare an independent assessment of state of the environment and effectiveness of policy measures to address challenges A 1 and 2 B. 2 and 3 B. c 1 and3 D. All the above

  14. 33% of edible food-wasted worldwide oMore than half thrown out in industrialized nations ] Food waste-9% of global greenhouse gas emissions India - Could save atleast 3 trillion in healthcare costs, if implemented policy initiatives consistent with Paris Climate goals

  15. 7. World Kidney Day 2019 is being observed on which among the following days: A. 13th March 8. 14th March C. 15th March D. 12th March

  16. Answer: B o World Kidney Day : Global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of kidneys to overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide o World Kidney Day 2019 14th March 2019 Emphasizes Universal health Coverage for prevention and early treatment of kidney o Generally observed on 2nd Thursday of March every year o Theme : Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere disease

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