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Daily Current Affairs MCQs - 12th & 13th March 2019
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This lesson deals with the Daily Current Affairs MCQs of 12th & 13th March 2019

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi
Plus Educator, Teaches Current Affairs, Governance, Science and Technology, Internal Security & Disaster Management

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  1. DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS MCQ'S: 12TH & 1 3TH MARCH'2019 Presented by Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi

  2. Courses: Daily Current Affairs MCQ's (May Till date) 3000+ MCQ's from Previous Papers with Analysis o Analysis of Daily Current Affairs o International Relations Summary - Yojana Summary -Science Reporter Indian Polity o Unacademy Plus : Code ajaykumar0692 o

  3. 1. Which among the following countries is/are the largest arms importer in the World as per Stockholm International Peace Research Institute: A. Saudi Arabia . India c. Pakistan D. Israel

  4. Answer:A Stockholm International Peace Research Institute-Global think tank a Recently released the data on international arms transfer from 2014-18 Saudi Arabia accounts for l 2% of Global imports followed by India with 9.5% Prior to this, India Top importer Imports of India-decreased by 24% : Due to delays in deliveries of arms produced under license from foreign suppliers such as combat aircraft ordered from Russia in 2001 and submarines ordered from France in 2008 Russia-Accounted for 58% of Indian imports in 2014-18 2009-2013 : Israel with 76%

  5. o Coming years : Russian imports may go up S 400 air defence systems, four stealth frigates, AK-203 Rifles, Second Nuclear attack submarine on lease etc., o Top 5 importers Saudi Arabia + India Egyptt Australia + Algeria o China Emerged as major arms exporter Biggest customers Pakistan and Bangladesh

  6. 2. Choose the incorrect statements about National Knowledge Network: 1. It is a nation wide resource sharing network that connects all National universities, colleges and research establishments 2. It is not a component of Digital India Programme 3. It is not shared with any other countries apart from India A and 2 B. 2 and 3 c 1 and 3 D. All the above

  7. Answer: B National Knowledge Network-To connect all National Universities, colleges and research establishments digitally with a high speed bandwidth Component of Digital India Programme science, medicine etc Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka in Bangladesh including extension of NKN a Enhances Research, Development and innovation among NKN institutes o Facilitates advanced distance education in specialized fields such as engineering, India-Extended NKN Project to 6 SAARC Nations-Afghanistan, Bangladesh, a Recently, PMs of Bangladesh and India has launched various developmental activities

  8. 3. Enemy properties are those properties that were left behind by the people who took the citizenship of which among the following countries: 1. China 2. Pakistan 3. Bangladesh Iran A 1,2 and 3 . and 4 C. 2 and 3 o. 1 and 2

  9. Answer: D Enemy Properties-Properties left behind by the people took the citizenship of Pakistan and China Migrated to Pakistan since partition and to China after 1 962 Sino-Indian War a There are about 9,280 properties left behind by Pakistani Nationals and 126 by Chinese o Estimated value of the properties : Approximately Rs.1 lakh Crores Shares valued@ Rs. 3000 Crore in 996 companies : Holded by these Nationals a Enemy Property Act 1968: Regulates properties and lists the powers of custodians Amendment in 2017 : Successors will have no claim and no civil court to entertain disputes

  10. o Recently, Central Government has allowed the State Governments to put enemy properties into Public use Central Government amended guidelines for disposal of Enemy property Order 2018: Usage for public use

  11. Answer:A o Jammu and Kashmir Draft reintegration Policy Rehabilitation at policy level through 2 pronged approach-Reformative measures and opportunities of livelihood o Provision for a monthly stipend of Rs.6000 for a militant who surrenders with a view to encourage him to join the mainstream t wil not cover militants found to have been involved in heinous crimes o Earlier Policy in 2004 o To provide vocational training for militants if wanted to do trade and a monthly stipend of Rs.2000 for first 3 years, also a provision of counselling centres

  12. Answer:A o World Gold Council Market Development Organisation of Gold industry a Works for all parts of industry from gold mining to investment Aim: To stimulate and sustain gold demand As per recent report of WGC, USA has highest reserves of gold with 8,133.5 tonnes a Followed by Germany with 3,369.7 tonnes o India 11th largest gold reserves with 607 tonnes IMF is included at 3rd position with 2,814 tonnes China and Japan : More reserves than India

  13. New Strategy - 2 goals a. Build stronger country capacities for disease surveillance and response, prevention and control, and preparedness b. Develop better tools to prevent, detect, control and treat influenza, such as more effective vaccines, antivirals and treatments, with the goal of making these accessible for all countries

  14. 7. Choose the correct statements about new Visa agreement between Maldives and India: It allows businessmen and tourists from Maldives to stay in lndia for 90 days without 1. a visa 2. Maldivians with tourist visas can also stay in India for treatment if they face any sudden medical issue A 1 only s. 2 only C. Both D. None

  15. Answer: C New Visa agreement signed between India and Maldives came into force on 11th March 2019 o Provided for a very liberal visa regime for Maldivian nationals to visit India for tourism, business, education and Medical purposes Also made easier for Indians to travel to Maldives for business purposes children's academic ternm siblings to also remain with the family during their stay in India a Allows Maldivian parents to obtain visas that will be valid during the duration of their o This facility will also be extended to the dependents of parents, enabling minor

  16. o Attendants of Maldivian patients will also be able to get visas for the duration medical treatment sought in India a Maldivians with tourist visas can also stay in India for treatment if they face any sudden medical issue, can convert their travel document into a medical visa without traveling back to the Maldives