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Case Study: Changing Road Project For Private Interest (Part 2) (in Hindi)
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2018 Ethics Paper UPSC-CS Mains Case Study Solution with strategy.

Shubham Singh
Star* and Verified Educator, Visiting Faculty @SPIPA GUJARAT and Forum IAS. completed full course of Ethics, Art & Culture, Polity.

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  1. Art of Answer Writing In Ethie Case Study 1. 2018 GS Paper 4. unacademy SHUBHAM SINGH

  2. Question 8 (Case 2) As a senior officer in the Ministry, you have access to important policy decisions and upcoming big announcements such as road constructions projects before they are notified in the public domain. The Ministry is about to announce a mega road project for which the drawings are already in place. Sufficient care was taken by the planners to make use of the government land with the minimum land acquisition from private parties. Compensation rate for private parties was also finalized as per government rules. Care was also taken to minimize deforestation. Once the project is announced, it is expected that there will be a huge spurt in real estate prices in and around that area Meanwhile, the Minister concerned insists that you realign the road in such a way that it comes closer to his 20 acres farmhouse. He also suggests that he would facilitate the purchase of a big plot of land in your wife name at the prevailing rate which is very nominal, in and around the proposed mega road project. He also tries to convince you by saying that there is no harm in it as he is buying the land legally. He even promises to supplement your savings in case you do not have sufficient funds to buy the land. However, by the act of realignment, a lot of agricultural lands has to be acquired, thereby causing a considerable financial burden on the government, and also the displacement of the farmers. As if this is not enough, it will involve cutting down of a large number of trees denuding the area of its green cover. Faced with this situation, what will you do? Critically examine various conflicts of interest and explain what your responsibilities are as a public servant. (250 words)

  3. Approach: Page 1 Page 2. Page 3 1.Identify stakeholders. 4. Critically examine those. 5. Explain what action You will take. Justify. 4. What are 2.Explain Col briefly responsibilities of and various conflict Civil Servant. of interest. 6. Way forward: MANAGEM ETHI MOR

  4. Various stakeholders. 1. Myself and family 2. Minister. 3. Government. 4. Farmers. 5. Society 6, Environment MANAGE ETHIC

  5. Ethical issues in this case are: Illegal and unethical MANAGE ETHIC

  6. Conflict of interest: Col refers to a situation when Individual interest comes in conflict with organizational interest and duties. Various Col in this case are: 1. Organizational duty Vs Personal Interest. Organizational Duty :As a civil servant I am expected to work on objectivity and integrity and thus uphold public interest. Personal Interest is to financially secure self and family members 2. Development vs. Ecological sustainability. Realignment of project will have huge negative repercussion over Environment. 3. Development Vs. Farmer's land alienation and displacement. eing favourable to minister and secure career Vs. facing ire of Minister.

  7. Course of action: .Will turn down offer of Minister firmly and strictly. This will help me to make my stand clear and straightforward not leaving any room for further allurement and coercion. Will try to persuade Minister to drop his plan and make him understand social- economic and environmental cost of the project is plan is altered in his favour If Minister still try to manaevour the plan to gain personal benefits I will Will collect all material evidences to substantiate my claim and report this matter to anti Corruption watchdog Ilke Lokpal By above course of action I will be able to protect sanctity of Public office while mitigating socio-economic-environmental cost of the Project in case it gets modified as per wishes of Minister.

  8. Way forward: Public trust and Interest are foundational values of Civil services. Thus a civil servant is expected to discharge his duty with honesty, Integrity and Empathy, without fear of external intimidation or allurement In conflict between Personal Interest and Public Interest, without exception later shall prevail.

  9. Tho You C.