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Case Study 3:: 2017 Ethics Mains Paper.
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Shubham Singh
Star* and Verified Educator, Visiting Faculty @SPIPA GUJARAT and Forum IAS. completed full course of Ethics, Art & Culture, Polity.

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Thanx for this cover this is actually i want
  1. Art of Answer Writing In Ethie Case Study 3. 2017 GS Paper 4. unacademy SHUBHAM SINGH

  2. Question 11 (Case 3) Q11. You are the head of the Human Resources department of an organisation. One day one the workers died on duty. His family was demanding compensation. However, the company denied compensation because it was revealed in investigation that he was drunk at the time of the accident. The workers of the company went to strike demanding compensation for the family of the deceased. The Chairman of the management board has asked for your recommendation. What recommendation would you provide the management? Discuss the merits and demerits of each of the recommendations. (250 Words, 20)

  3. Approach: Page 1 Page 2. Page 3 4. Explain recommendation and weigh its merit and demerit. 1. Identify 5, conclude. stakeholders. 2. Explain Problem. 3. Explain competing values. MANAGEME ETHI MOR

  4. Various stakeholders. l. Myself 2. Organization 3. Family of deceased Workers. 4. Other workers in organization. MANAGE ETHIC

  5. Explain Problem: Should organization compensate for negligence on part of worker? MANAGE ETHIC

  6. Explain Conflicting values. Above case is clash between Organizational policy compassion for its employees and their family members. MANAGE ETHIC

  7. My recommendations: Organization should have compassionate view of the situation and should strive to provide relief to dependents of the deceased Worker. However, since, worker was drunk and thus broke organizational rule. Compensation to his family should not be provided in same category rather other mechanism for relieflike job to deceased's kin can be provided. Robust vetting mechanism should be put in place so that same accident may not reoccur in future. Like all workers should be scrutinized before letting them to work on machines. Safety audit of workplace should be done and made compliant to ILO guidelines . .Fact finding team should be constituted under HR department to examine reason for the worker for being drunk at workplace. Factors like stress, work-life balance, working environment must be tested so that entire work culture coul be revamped and made worker friendly. Proper awareness programme regarding culture of safety at workplace should be conducted.

  8. Justification for my answer: Bending against Popular demand and compromising on Organizational policy will set wrong precedence, and negligence for being drunk at work place can get unduly promoted. Thus, other suitable avenues for providing relief to deceased's family must be explored . .By this way organization will be able to extend its compassionate hands without compromising at their policy level. Moreover, bringing about institutional changes will help to ensure non repetition of same type of accident in future.

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