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Case Study 2:: 2017 Ethics Mains Paper.
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Shubham Singh
Star* and Verified Educator, Visiting Faculty @SPIPA GUJARAT and Forum IAS. completed full course of Ethics, Art & Culture, Polity.

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wow...very good sir...i almost done in 1 day complete physics. bt sir plzz provide also economics..and polity and geography
  1. s. Art of Answer Writing In Ethie Case Study 2. 2017 GS Paper 4. unacademy SHUBHAM SINGH

  2. Question 12 (Case 6) Q10. You are aspiring to become an IAS officer and you have cleared various stages and nov you have been selected for the personal interview. On the day of the interview, on the way to the venue you saw an accident where a mother and child who happen to be your relatives were badly injured. They needed immediate help. What would you have done in such a situation? Justify your action. (250 Words, 20)

  3. Approach: Page 1 Page 2. Page 3 3. Examine various options available, with merit and demerit. 1. Identify stakeholders. 5. Course of action. 6. conclude. 2. Explain competing values. 4. Explain which option I will choose and why. MANAGEME ETHI MOR

  4. Various stakeholders. l. Myself 2. My Family 3. My relatives who are mated with accident. MANAGE ETHIC

  5. Explain Problem: . On one side life of my relatives are at stake. .On the other, my career and aspiration is at stake. MANAGE ETHIC

  6. Explain Conflicting values individual goals and efforts to become IAS officer. against life of human being which is at stake due to accident, and dire need of timely medical intervention. MANAGE ETHIC

  7. What I will do: I wi immediately stop and attend my relatives. Firstly, I will call Ambulance. . Secondly, I will give them first aid treatment like stopping bleeding etc.. .Thirdly, I will ask somebody from crowd who have knowledge from medical field to assist me. Fourthly, I will call Police and inform about the incidence. Fifthly, I will call UPSC and tell them about the situation and request your Interview for rescheduling. After lodging my relatives in Ambulance I will head for my Interview, I will also call other family members to rush towards hospital.

  8. Justification for my answer . Protecting life of my family members or any other human being is my prime duty By Saving life of other human being, I will be able to attend voice of conscience which will boost my confidence and self esteem UPSC members are compassionate members, and I am consider my request accordingly and reschedule my interview. Even If, I fail to appear for interview, saving life of my relatives has intrinsic reward. I will work hard and ensure to appear for Interview in next attempt sure that they wil

  9. Conclusion: Whenever there is conflict between Individual goal and life of other human being, latter shall prevail

  10. SRR56% ARAR 56%. 9:12 PM Shubham Singh Save Save All of Unacademy Any Language Approach to Quote Based Questions. 2018 GS Paper 4 Ex Shubham Singh 2.6k Followers Graduated from NIFT, Appeared for 5 UPSC mains since 2013.Will be teaching practical Ethics in most comprehensive, simple and lucid way. Edit Review 23 15 likes 1 comment Share Follow Write your review here 4.9 (13 ratings) Edit review Results Course Overview. Ethics, Integrity 01 &Aptitude. 03:53 HINDI LESSONS&TEACHINGS Done (Hindi) Understanding Key Terms of Ethics 48 21.6kviews 6 days ago Shubham, Singh 13:57:49 Quote based Question 1. UPSC 930 02 GS 4. Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude. 11:35 (2 ratings) HINDI CRASH COURSE (Hindi) Crash Course on Ethical Philosophies 48 15.7k views 4 days ago : Shubham Sinah Quote Based Question 2. Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude. 03 Course Overview (in Hindi 09:41:07 743

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