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Administrative Maharashtra Part-2 (in Marathi)
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In this losson you Will learn about Administrative Maharashtra Part-2 (in Marathi) महाराष्ट्राचे नागरी प्रशासन , महाराष्ट्राचे ग्रामीण प्रशासन , महत्त्वाचे.

Durgesh Makwan
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Unacademy user
nice lesson ma'am thanks
ꜱɪʀ 👌👌👌ᴋʜᴜᴩ ᴄʜᴀɴ ᴛᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴋᴀʀᴛᴀ ᴛᴜᴍʜɪ
Durgesh Makwan
10 months ago
Thank you so much.. 👍 Stay tuned for more Courses and Lessons Please Don't forget to Give Ratings and Your Valuable Review.
Shweta JOSHI
10 months ago
sure sir
महाराष्ट्रातील ग्राम पंचायतींचे कामकाज हे " मुंबई ग्राम पंचायत अधिनियम १९५८" नुसार चालते असे मला वाटते. माझे जर चूक असल्यास दुरुस्त करावे. धन्यवाद.
Durgesh Makwan
a year ago
yes asif you r right .. जिल्हा परिषद आणि पंचायत समितीचा कारभार हा महाराष्ट्र जिल्हा परिषद आणि पंचायत समिती कायदा १९६१ नुसार चालतो आणि ग्राम पंचायत कारभार हा मुंबई ग्रामपंचायत अधिनियम १९५८ नुसार चालतो..
धन्यवाद दुर्गेश.. KEEP IT UP..
Durgesh Makwan
a year ago
Durgesh Makwan
a year ago
yes ofcourse.. asif Thank You.
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  2. 58% 6:19 "A 57% 6:24 57% 6:21 Durgesh Makwan Durgesh Makwan 535 Followers Educator at Unacademy (Marketing Management) Preparing for CSE & MPSC Target audience is All MPSC Aspirants Interest in Photography, Music, Mouies (Marathi) Social Reformers in Maharashtra 14Ratings Ratings & Reviews Don't forget to_Rate/ Review/ Recommend 000/811 WhatsApp Shriniwas Suresh Bhadange Introduction of Course (in Marathi) 415 plays 11 upvotes Upvote Faceboolk Excellent sir looking forward for geography course in marathi. Vivek Ravsaheb Vhanawade Copy to Clipboard Description Really helpful. keep it up durgesh sir for mpsc marathi aspirants In this lesson Durgesh Makwan discussing about course introduction More Siddhant Lodha Such a awesome course sir., u r really great educator.. after watching this course I guarantee that I can confidently solve questions from this topic. thank you sir Keep making such awesome courses Durgesh Makwan Objective This course deals with selected social reformers in Maharashtro, their ideology and work. In this course Durgesh Makwan iscovering most of the social .read Comments -Course Enroll Enroll (Marathi) MPSC Exam- Detailed Syllabus An


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