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8'th September,2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of the Hindu (in Hindi)
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8th September,2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of the Hindu (in Hindi)

Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF hat conidence n The billionsire Mr Bentusconl whe boastad earlier yetealay that markets trast hitm because he sa tyeiont, told trowth nade in New withtheonwetct igitot 8 TH SEPTEMBER,20 1 AMIT BAGHE

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  3. Sept 8, 2017 EDITORIAL Social revolution in a JAM . Finance Minister reportedly said: "Just as GST (goods and services tax) created one tax, one market, one India, the PMJDY and the JAM revolution can link all Indians into one common financial, economic, and digital space. No Indian will be outside the mainstream." . JAM, deriving from Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and Mobile, combines bank accounts for the poor, who barely had the money to deposit in them, direct transfer of benefits into these accounts and the facility of making financial payments through mobile phones. Aadhaar is the pivot here, allowing the government to ensure that benefits reach the poor and enabling them to make payments through ordinary mobile phones. Government has devised the Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app.

  4. CONTD There is no doubt that eliminating leakage in the transfer of welfare payments and enabling the poor to have bank accounts are worthy objectives, and when achieved should be considered significant. What's the reality . Claims of having achieved inclusion by operationalising the JAM trinity appear somewhat exaggerated . A financial inclusion, in the sense of everyone having a bank account and access to reliable and free electronic payments system, is not the same as economic inclusion. At its most basic level, inclusion from the economic point of view would entail equal access to opportunities for earning a livelihood. This in turn implies employment opportunities . This is so because JAM functions in the digital space while much of our life is lived in the brick and mortar world. In the latter space we have seen very little improvement, not just recently but since economic reforms were launched over 25 years ago.

  5. CONTD . JAM cannot even claim equalisation, leave alone empowerment. Amartya Sen effectively settled a longstanding debate on the question of the metric to be used to gauge equality when he proposed that it should be human capabilities We would have achieved a social revolution when we have equipped all individuals with the essential capabilities. . This happens when a society has, at a minimum, universal health and education infrastructure accessible to all. We have in recent weeks witnessed governance failure on a major scale in many parts of the country . JAM may have achieved equality in the digital space but is far from having empowered Indians in spheres in which they are severely deprived at present, an empowerment that they clearly value. . Data actually point to a steadily slowing economy with growth having been successively lower in the past five quarters.

  6. Sept 8, 2017 NEWS Debt, project delays worry Bhutan . Bhutanese government spoke about the emerging challenges from the growing debt burden Bhutan carries due to delays in the major hydropower projects. . As of July 2017, Bhutan's debt to India for the three major ongoing projects: Mangdechhu, Punatsangchhu 1 and 2 is approximately 12,300 crore which accounts for 77% of the country's total debt, and is 87% of its GDP . What concerns Bhutan is that the partnership seems to be going backwards. A decade ago shifted from doing one project at a time to doing many projects together, in order to reach the goal of 10,000 MW in hydropower by 2020. . Another issue, has been the fact that India is now a power-surplus country, while demand growth has been slower than expected. Added to this is the government's push for other renewable energies like wind and solar power.

  7. CONTD.. Meanwhile the interest repayments on projects, that are being financed by India as 30% grant and 70% loan at 10% annual interest, are piling up. What's other proposal . Undertake new projects only after the current ones being executed by the NHPC are commissioned, . To move from "run of the river" projects now favoured to only a few major "reservoir" projects. To undertake only those that come with inter-governmental guarantees rather than joint ventures between Indian and Bhutanese entities.

  8. Sept 8, 2017 NEWS Death for two in Mumbai blasts case . Twenty-four years after 12 bombs exploded across various places in Mumbai on March 12, 1993, killing 257 people and injuring 713 others, the trial came to a conclusion with the special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act court awarding capital punishment to Firoz Khan and Taher Merchant alias Taklya. Life term for Abu Salem violates treaty . The life term awarded to Abu Salem has triggered a complex legal debate which could have a bearing on future extradition treaties between India and other countries . Courts have to consider the assurance given by the Indian government of not sentencing him for a term beyond 25 years, while extraditing Salem, his lawyer had argued while seeking minimum sentence in connection with the 1993 serial bomb blasts. The other thing that can happen is that Salem can approach the Portugal Supreme Court and ask for re-extradition.

  9. Sept 8, 2017 NEWS CIC backlog grows as vacancies go unfilled . This backlog is in spite of the fact that the Commission is returning a majority of appeals coming to it, citing lack of documentation, premature appeals or forwarding of cases to the relevant State Information Commissions. Lack of sufficient staff strength as among the reasons why their backlog is increasing Lack of transparency . National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI) highlighted the lack of transparency in the process of appointment of information commissioners. . The DoPT has denied information about the process adopted for shortlisting candidates.

  10. Sept 8, 2017 NEWS Where Kerala's birds go for higher studies . The KAU is only about five km from the Peechi- Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary. Secretive Watercock, the threatened Oriental darter, and the migratory Common sandpiper. Two species endemic to the Western Ghats, the Malabar grey hornbill and the Crimson-backed sunbird, occur here. . The campus also supports 11 species (including the Hill myna and the Indian peafowl) listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act.

  11. Sept 8, 2017 NEWS Hurricane Irma turns Caribbean islands into rubble Hurricane Irma is a powerful tropical Nurli Caribbean Map Atlantic Ocean cyclone that Gulf of Mexico recently made landfall in the U.S. state of Florida as a major hurricane,and was the most intense Atlantic hurricane observea in over a decade. Carbbean Sea at Pacific Ocean

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