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4th September, 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of the Hindu (in Hindi)
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4'th September, 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of the Hindu (in Hindi)

Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

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sir please add more lessons for questions practice
happy teachers day sir
Amit Baghel
2 years ago
Thank you :)
Thank you so much sir
  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF hat conidence n The billionsire Mr Bentusconl whe boastad earlier yetealay that markets trast hitm because he sa tyeiont, told trowth nade in New withtheonwetct igitot 4 TH SEPTEMBER, 2017 AMIT BAGHE

  2. ABOUT ME EDUCATOR AT UNACADEMY SINCE JUNE,2017 KNOWLEDGE IS POWER . Computer science graduate from JIIT,Noida Work experience of 2+ years in MNC Published app developer, writer by passion Interest: Music,reading non fiction and watching good tv series Follow me for my other courses:

  3. Editorial Investing in the ecosystem .Natural resources are a critical yet often ignored part of our country's national infrastructure. Unlike the economic value of goods and services, the intangible nature of natural assets is mostly invisible and hence remains unaccounted for -Boasting 1 1% of the world's floral and faunal species, India is one of the 17 most ecologically -Blessed with every major ecosystem, these biomes directly contribute billions of dollars to the . The financial value of India's forests, for example, which encompass economic services such as diverse countries Indian economy, annually. timber and fuel wood, and ecological services such as carbon sequestration, is estimated to be $1.7 trillion. Earth Overshoot Day', A figurative calendar date when humanity's total annual resource consumption for the year overshoots the earth's capacity to regenerate it, has advanced every year at an alarming rate. This ar it was observed on August 2.

  4. Editorial : Investing in the ecosystem . Natural Four of these boundaries have now been crossed 1.climate change, 2.loss of biosphere integrity, system change I cycles, such as phosphorus and nitrogen cycles. .This means that human activity has already altered the balance. Way forward . This stresses the need for a comprehensive evaluation system that takes these undesirable side-effects of economic activities into account. . As the biggest contributor to the economy, business needs to consider evaluating its impacts and dependencies as it would have a direct impact on capital assets and wealth

  5. Editorial Investing in the ecosystem This translates to broadening valuation and risk management to include natural capital, as it is currently not reflected in market prices. There is often a chance of ignoring or undervaluing natural capital, effectively leading to projects with far higher negative externalities compared to the benefits. . Companies can consider environmental stress tests for issues such as natural disasters, air pollution, resource scarcity and climate Conclusion . If valued properly, natural capital has the potential to optimise resources and thus maximise Natural capital thinking can also create opportunities to innovate and adopt newer, more efficient technologies. .In addition to shareholder wealth, holistic development calls for maximising returns from other key areas such as physical capital, human capital, natural capital and social capital.

  6. NEWS Government drops plan to protect transgender Sept 4, 2017 . The Wages Code Bill was drafted under an exercise to rationalise the country's 44 labour laws into four codes covering all the regulations about wages, industrial relations, social security and safety, and health and working conditions . The NDA government has dropped plans to recognise transgender persons as the 'third gender' in the country's labour law framework. Background In 2014, the Supreme Court had for the first time recognised transgender persons as the 'third gender' and asked the Centre and the States to give them equal opportunities in education and employment . The government's proposed amendments to the Factories Act, 1948 in 2015 had also proposed special protections for transgender workers. Issue Part of the Labour Ministry's draft law to codify wages and aimed at protecting transgender workers from discrimination, has been shelved following reservations expressed by the Law Ministry

  7. contd.. Now, the Labour ministry would not include the term 'transgender' while stating the entitlements related to gender in any of the labour laws. But with the recent reservations of the Law Ministry, the latest draft amendments of the Factories Act will not contain the clause about transgenders, What is the reason? . The Law Ministry objected, citing the General Clauses Act of 1897, according to which 'transgenders' fall within the definition of 'person'. What activist has to say? .We should rebut the government's claim that this extra mention is not needed because it doesn't hurt anyone's interest. And if it is indeed hurting someone's interests, the government needs to come clean. Whose interest are you trying to safeguard by not including the word 'transgender?

  8. Sept 4, 2017 NEWS India expresses concern' Air pollution throws shade on India's solar succes . India criticised North Korea's . New research has found the smog and dust that sickens millions across India every year is also sapping solar power generation by more than 25 percent, far beyond levels previously thought. decision to test a thermonuclear device, saying it views with "deep concern" the test that was in violation of its international commitment, and constituted a threat to India's national security as well. . In the first study of its kind, U.S. and Indian We call upon DPRK to refrain from such actions which adversely impact peace and stability in the region and beyond. scientists measured how man-made particles floating in the air and deposited as grime on solar panels combined to seriously impair sunlight from converting to energy It could amount to roughly 3,900 MW of lost energy six times the capacity of its largest solar farm, a gigantic field of 2.5 million panels.

  9. Sept 4, 2017 NEWS China Wants India To Go Slow On Asia-Africa China has nitiated a move to persuade India to go slow on the Asia Africa Growth Corridor, which FORGINGA NEW PATH d along with Japan. . Beijing is now trying to persuade India and South Africa to merge the project with the BRICS platform and keep its rival, Japan, out of it. Once merged into BRICS, India's influence on Africa through the project will also get diluted. Asia- Africa Corridor Potential new shipping mut The Asia Africa Growth Corridor project was planned by India and Japan with the active support of the African Development Bank and several African countries including South Africa who wish to reduce their dependence on Beijing. Current main shipping oute

  10. contd.. .The idea is to "create a 'free and open Indo-Pacific region' by rediscovering ancient sea-routes and creating new sea corridors" by integrating the economies of South, Southeast, and East Asia with Oceania and Africa. It primarily focuses on Development Cooperation Projects, Quality Infrastructure and Institutional Connectivity, Enhancing Skills, and People-to-People Partnership. Why is China worried? It is seen by many as an alternative Silk Road to tap the African market. China sees the move as a source of major competition that will reduce its economic and political influence over the African continent What's China doing in this regard? agenda so it can have better control over it. . China is also pushing the New Development Bank, the Shanghai based financial institution, which has been created by BRICS countries to expand its lending to different African countries even though they may not be members of the organization