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5th September, 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of the Hindu (in Hindi)
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5th September, 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of the Hindu (in Hindi)

Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

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Countries which belongs to Greater Mekong Sub region are Cambodia, China, Lao Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam
Thank you so much sir.. Happy teachers day...
Amit Baghel
2 years ago
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  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF hat conidence n The billionsire Mr Bentusconl whe boastad earlier yetealay that markets trast hitm because he sa tyeiont, told trowth nade in New withtheonwetct igitot STH SEPTEMBER, 2017 AMIT BAGHE

  2. ABOUT ME EDUCATOR AT UNACADEMY SINCE JUNE,2017 KNOWLEDGE IS POWER . Computer science graduate from JIIT,Noida Work experience of 2+ years in MNC Published app developer, writer by passion Interest: Music,reading non fiction and watching good tv series Follow me for my other courses:

  3. Editorial : Making up for lost time In the past half century, India and Myanmar have lost the habit of thinking of themselves as neighbours . Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks on an official bilateral visit to Myanmar from September 5. This follows upon his earlier ASEAN-related visit in November 2014 and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit in May 2012. Taking into account Mr. Modi's 'Neighborhood First", 'Act East' and diaspora policies, international and domestic developments since then have clarified the political context of the visit to an extent not possible earlier The Rohingya crisis . The visit is taking place amidst some of the worst violence involving Rohingya militants and the Myanmar security forces ever resulting in a full-fledged international crisis triggered by large-scale, coordinated attacks by Rohingya militants under a recently formed Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA, now designated as 'terrorists') against government and security outposts in northern Rakhine state on August 25-26.

  4. CHINA Natural displacement of thousands within Rakhine state and acoss BANGLADESH the Naf river to Bangladesh; and severe disruption in food and humanitarian supplies. NDA MYANMAR RAKHINE STATE . The Modi government has unequivocally condemned the "terrorist" Yangon THAILAND attacks at a time when the security forces and Ms. Suu Kyi herself face heightened international criticism on the handling of the issue. This is likely to resonate in Mr. Modi's favour in Myanmar. India-Myanmar-China: Strategic importance CAMBODIA VIETNAM Sea Bay af Bencal South Chine Sea 58,000 MIGRANITS in 2014 MALAYSIA Sensitive to its location between the two Asians giants, Myanmar is Na SMLCOKANETS 25,900 MIGRANITS SINGAPORE keen to leverage the growth potential of good relations with Asia's two fastest growing economies But it is also wary of its economic dependence on China, characterised by a largely extractive relationship focused on natural resources and access to the Bay of Bengal where it already has an oil and gas terminal, concession to build a Special Economic Zone and seeks a possibly contrlling stake in a natural deep sea harbouvater port proglect at Kyaukpyu that could form part of its ambitious BRI. 400 MILES INDONESIA Beying CHINA PAKISTAN NDIA Pac Colbmbo Hambantob GRI LANKA Ocoan

  5. Possible agenda of Modi Visit The issue of Indian insurgent groups in Myanmar, which remain a matter of concern. Mir: Modi's much antidipated visit will most likely be taken up by the fundamentals of the bilateral relationship: 1. The substantive development partnership, 2. Trade issues, 3. Revival of cultural and people-to-people ties. 4. Defence relations too have been growing steadily, especially between the two armies and navies . Building on India's nearly $2 billion development partnership with Myanmar so far. These cover Trilateral Highway, the Kaladan Multi-modal Transport and Transit Project; High value capacity and human development projects like the Myanmar Institute of Information Technology in Mandalay; More modest ones in industry, IT, health, entrepreneurship and language training: Small border area development projects in Chin and Naga areas of Myanmar; and Soft lines of credit for other infrastructure projects amounting to nearly $750 million.

  6. Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport ndia Mizoram apur kesacre Bangladesh Haora Kolkata border NH 41 aletw Myanmar route Route Kolkata to Sittwe Sittwe to Setpyitpyin: (Kaletwa) Transport Mode of Transport Sea Inland Water Distance 539 km 225 km river Kaladan Setpy itpyin to India -Myanmar baande Road 62 km

  7. India Myanmar Trade and cultural relation- older ties .Critical to this trade are Indian imports of beans and pulses that play a vital part in our food security and Myanmar's economy. Standing at around a million tonnes and $1 billion in value, over 90% of which is exported to India, it is vital to Myanmars farmers and foreign exchange earnings, greater even in the value of its exports of rice to China that are prone to periodic restrictions, tough inspections and crackdowns on informal trade at the Myanmar- China border. . Past attempts to open a limited market for Myanmar rice in India as an alternative to China, have floundered on vested public distribution interests in India and should be re-opened. . India is in the final stages of a face-lift to the venerated Ananda Temple and where the Cabinet has approved Indian assistance for the restoration of pagodas damaged by the powerful 2016 earthquake. Way forward . The objective should be to restore the balance in Myanmar's relations between East and South Asia that has been lost with the eastward tilt in Myanmar's external relations over 50 years of insular military rule during which the two countries have forgotten the habit of thinking of themselves psychologically as immediate neighbours Q. Which countries belongs to region Greater Mekong Sub-region ?

  8. Sept 5, 2017 NEWS BRICS declares Lashkar, Jaish as global terror groups .The Brazil-Russia-IndiaChina-South Africa (BRICS) grouping unequivocally named Pakistan-based groups Jaish-e- Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). . A joint communiqu released at the BRICS summit expressed concern about the regional security situation and listed the Taliban, IS/Daesh, AlQaeda and its affiliates, including the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, TTP and Hizb-ut-Tahrir as sources of violence. . Few analysts says that Naming JeM, LeT not new; action must shift to UN. . Analysts say the BRICS declaration underscores a shift in China's position on hyphenating its ties with India with its relationship with Pakistan. In the past, Beijing has repeatedly asked for a "technical hold" in designating the head of the Pakistan based JeM as an international terrorist in the United Nations Security Council 1267 committeea move that seemed to reflect its special ties with Islamabad Meet on radicalisation . On countering radicalisation, India in the context of the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) and the BRICS offered to organise a global conference on countering radicalisation.

  9. CONTD India pitches for a credit rating agency . Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly pitched for the setting up of a BRICS credit rating agency to counter western rating institutions and cater to the financial needs of sovereign and corporate entities of developing nations. Our Central Banks must further strengthen their capabilities and promote cooperation between the Contingent Reserve Arrangement and the IMF [lInternational Monetary Fund]. Three western agencies hold over 90% of the sovereign ratings market Modi, Putin vow to boost cooperation Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed ways to boost bilateral trade and investment, especially in the oil and natural gas sector

  10. Sept 5, 2017 NEWS Top babus given secure mobiles Centre refuses assurance on Rohingya . The Centre refused, in the . The government has given nearly 500 customised Google Pixel phones with Reliance Jio SIM cards to senior bureaucrats for "secure communication," The government already uses RAX, a fixed landline secure communication network, and after the NDA government came to power, the number of RAX Supreme Court, to give 40,000 lines were increased from 1,300 to 5,000. Rohingya Muslim immigrants an assurance that it will not move for their deportation back to Viyanmar. . Being a landline connection, RAX has a limitation; the mobile phones will ensure communication even if an officer is out of office. They have been customised to suit the security needs." . The UNHRC Report of 2016 has . Recently, the Computer Emergency Response System-India (CERT-IN), the noted successive patterns of serious violations to the right to life, liberty and security of the Rohingyas by state security forces and other officials in Myanmar. cyber security arm of the government, sought details of the security process followed by over 30 handset firms selling mobile phones in the country. . The Ministry of Electronics and IT is working on a framework to secure not only mobile phones, but also email used by government officials.

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