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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) Undergraduate (UG) examination is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This common entrance test serves to determine the eligibility of students for admission into undergraduate medical courses such as MBBS and BDS in recognized medical colleges across the country.

Candidates must prepare for the exam well in advance to score good marks. It is imperative for aspirants to solve old NEET test papers as part of their preparation. Interested candidates may visit the official website of NTA and download previous years’ NEET UG question papers, such as the NEET UG 2019 question paper. 


NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Get access to the previous year’s question papers to understand the question paper pattern, time taken to solve each section and ace your exam preparation.

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Benefits of Solving NEET 2019 Question Paper

Solving the NEET 2019 question paper offers several benefits:

  1. Understanding Exam Pattern: The NEET 2019 question paper provides insights into the exam pattern, including the distribution of questions, marking scheme, and time allocation. It helps you familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam, enabling better time management during the actual test.

  2. Assessing Knowledge and Skills: By attempting the NEET 2019 question paper, you can assess your knowledge and skills in different subjects and topics. It helps identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on specific areas that require improvement.

  3. Practicing with Real Questions: The NEET 2019 question paper consists of actual questions asked in the exam. Solving these questions provides valuable practice and enhances your understanding of concepts, as well as the application of knowledge in a real exam-like scenario.

  4. Gaining Confidence: Solving the NEET 2019 question paper boosts your confidence levels. It familiarizes you with the level of difficulty, question types, and overall exam experience. With each solved question, you gain confidence in your abilities, which positively impacts your performance during the actual NEET exam.

  5. Identifying Exam Strategy: By solving the NEET 2019 question paper, you can devise effective exam strategies, such as choosing the order of attempting sections, managing time for each question, and maximizing your score. It allows you to refine your approach and optimize your performance in the actual exam.



Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most common questions related to NEET Question Paper.

Question: Are these questions available in free PDF format?

Answer: Yes, the candidates can download the NEET 2019 question paper in a free PDF format.

Question: How can I evaluate my performance by solving the NEET question paper?

Answer: NEET’s previous year’s question paper will help you to understand the type of questions, level o...Read full

Question: How was the NEET 2019 question paper?

Answer: As per the expert’s opinion, the NEET 2019 question paper was easy compared to the last year’s paper. Ac...Read full

Question: Which subject we can consider a tough one?

Answer: As per the opinion of students so far, Physics can be considered one of the tough subjects.

Question: Are the questions from the NEET 2019 question paper repeated in subsequent exams?

Answer: No, the questions from the NEET 2019 question paper are not repeated in subsequent exams. The NTA ensures that each year’s question p...Read full

Question: Is it beneficial to solve the NEET 2019 question paper for exam preparation?

Answer: Yes, solving the NEET 2019 question paper can be highly beneficial for exam preparation. It helps you understand the exam pattern, assess y...Read full