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How to Score 350 in NEET Biology

Read this article to know some sure-shot strategies to score 350+ out of 360 in NEET Biology.

Do you want to crack NEET with flying colours? You’ve landed on the right page. NEET is the national level examination for aspiring doctors, where around 16 lakh students appear for the exam. Out of these, only a few hundred manage to get to their dream medical college. It is such a competitive exam that the count increases exponentially every year, so the chances of passing the exam with flying colours decrease. 

But if you’ve prepared well for NEET Biology, aiming to score 350+ out of 360, then read this article to know some sure-shot strategies that will help you reach the destination. 

Tips for scoring 350 in NEET Biology

Since the question paper is MCQ-based, the exam is not only about who knows the most, but it is a race against time. The better you are at managing time, the more you score. Being a NEET aspirant, you might know that many students have managed to score 350 in NEET Biology and to help you achieve the same, we have jotted down some last-minute golden rules that you can follow to score 350 in NEET Biology.

  • Prepare a timetable 

Do not focus on what others are saying or doing. Set your timetables according to your needs and perspectives. Make your target and meet them with proper time management skills. 

  • Do not get demotivated 

If you are demotivated at this point, then the chance of getting an MBBS seat in a top medical college is far away. Remember, 16 lakh students are fighting for only 60,000 seats. In this horde, you must keep motivated to work hard to achieve your dream. 

  • Slide away the distractions 

It is one of the key reasons why most students fail to concentrate. You can start small to keep your focus intact – do not use your smartphone to listen to lectures; instead, switch to a laptop, and consider taking a break from social media platforms. 

  • Do not procrastinate

NEET is one of the biggest exams in India where you cannot afford to procrastinate. It is one major reason why most students fail to crack it. Make sure you push yourself hard every day and stick to the timetable. 

  • Avoid silly mistakes 

While practising, we all make silly mistakes. The best thing you can do once you’re done with the test or revision is to check on those questions and rectify your mistakes within three days. Also, practice with time. 

  • Stop overthinking 

The only thing you can do is to read and learn. Overthinking will give you nothing. Remember, everyone is dealing with some other problems every day. It depends on you whether you come out of it bravely or sit and think about it. Get up in the morning and do not think about anything. 

  • Revision strategy 

The best strategy is to overview the notes that your teacher must have given you. Once you’re done with the notes, close them and scribble them onto paper. This will help you memorise everything without starting to learn the entire chapter again. Make sure you repeat this at regular intervals. 

  • How to start? 

If you’ve just started the NEET preparation, the best strategy is to prepare only from the NCERT book. Start from chapter 1 and make it a habit to read and understand at least 7-10 pages every day along with the revision. 

And if you think you have learnt everything and still are not getting good marks, make sure you go through NCERT one more time. Make a habit of talking and motivating yourself. 


Scoring 350 in NEET Biology requires utmost dedication. When competing with more than 16 lakh students, it is obvious that you have to give your best shot. If you want to grab a seat in one of India’s most resonant and demanding medical colleges, you have to give your 200% to it. So, keep yourself motivated and dedicated and make sure to stick to your schedule. Concentration and perseverance will go a long way in helping you achieve your goal.

Before sitting for the exam:

  1. Make sure you’re well-prepared with all questions because all questions are important if you’re to become the topper.
  2. Remember, once you have the right mix of books, you have won nearly half the battle.
  3. Make sure you are thorough with past year’s question papers as there can be repetitions.

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