Daily News Analysis » April 2024 » IMD Forecast- Above Normal Heat Wave in India this Summer: 3 April 2024

IMD Forecast- Above Normal Heat Wave in India this Summer: 3 April 2024

About the forecast:

  • The El Niño event is expected to weaken in the upcoming season.
  • Some models suggest the possibility of La Niña conditions developing during the monsoon, which could lead to increased rainfall across South Asia.

El Niño and Weather Patterns:

  • The El Niño event, which leads to weak rainfall and increased heat in India, has weakened since the beginning of the year.
  • Moderate El Niño conditions still exist in the equatorial Pacific, causing higher sea surface temperatures and affecting airflow above the ocean.
  • Changes in the Pacific Ocean’s temperature and wind patterns can disrupt weather globally due to its significant coverage on Earth.

Causes of Increased heat wave these days:

  • Abnormal temperature  caused due to climate change could have a severe heat wave  on over 90% of India.
  • The ongoing El Niño weather condition also contributes to higher-than-usual temperatures, driving an increased occurrence of heat waves. 


About Heat Wave:  

  • The IMD declares a heat wave if the maximum temperature of a weather station reaches at least 40 degrees C in the plains and at least 30 degrees C in hilly regions. 
  • The IMD can also declare a heat wave if the actual maximum temperature crosses 45 degrees C, and a severe heat wave if it crosses 47 degrees C.

Why in news?

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast has said most of India will experience above-normal maximum and minimum temperatures this summer.