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CAT Exam Marks Vs Percentile

CAT Exam Marks Vs Percentile: Don’t know what percentile is or how to interpret CAT marks? Read this blog to get a brief overview of CAT exam marks and the respective percentile score.

Candidates are admitted to the best MBA colleges in India via the Common Admission Test (CAT), a highly competitive exam. The CAT exam’s score and percentile rank are among its most crucial components. The distinction between a CAT score and percentile, how to determine them, and the best MBA programmes in India that accept the CAT percentile are all covered in this article.

Scaled Score Calculation

The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Logical Reasoning (DILR), Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Ability (QA) parts make up the CAT exam. There are a maximum of 34 questions in each area, for a total of 102 questions on the exam. Each right response earns three points, while each wrong response loses one point. Unanswered questions have no impact on the final score.

You must total your marks from each of the three areas to determine your CAT score. The CAT exam has a maximum possible score of 300 points.

The percentage of applicants who took the CAT exam and scored at or below your level is measured by the CAT percentile. The relative exam results of the candidates are used to determine it. If your CAT percentile is 90, for example, it means that you fared better than 90% of the test-takers in terms of your score.

Percentile Score Calculation

The CAT percentile is calculated using the candidate’s scaled score. The normalisation process, which establishes the scaled score, takes into account the difficulty of the exam as well as the applicant’s performance in each segment. The following equation can be used to determine the percentile:

Percentile is calculated as follows: (Number of candidates who scored lower than you/Total candidates that took the exam) x 100


One of the most crucial requirements for admission to the best MBA programmes in India is the CAT percentile. Depending on the CAT percentile, your admission to any of the management colleges is confirmed; if you clear their cut-off and other requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Is the CAT exam challenging?

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Question: Is it possible for me to take the CAT exam more than once every year?

Answer: No, you are only permitted to take the CAT exam once each year.

Question: Which top MBA programmes need a minimum CAT percentile for admission?

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Question: How long is the CAT score valid?

Answer: The CAT score is valid for a year.

Question: Can I use my CAT score for admission to colleges outside of India?

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