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Coded Inequalities

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Coded inequalities is the topic that we will be discussing here.. One of the most difficult chapters to understand is the one on inequalities. Before solving the questions of this topic, it is vital that you remember the basic mathematical operations. Values such as the absolute value, plus and minus, addition and subtraction, plus and minus, less than and above, and greater than, are all included here. When attempting to answer questions about coding Inequality, we must be able to analyse it properly. The relationships between the numbers are expressed using a sequence of instructions in which distinct mathematical symbols substitute different inequality symbols. Before answering the question, the examiner must decode the symbols using the provided instructions. 

Symbols and their implication used coded inequalities questions

  • o < v means o is lesser than v
  • o ≤ v means o is less than or equal to v
  • o = v means o is equal to v
  • o ≥ v means o is greater than or equal to v
  • o > v means o is greater than v
  • o ≠ v means o isn’t equal to v

Reasoning Inequality

In competitive tests, concerns about reasoning inequalities frequently arise. As a result, there should be no questions about it on the exam. Once you understand this theory, you’ll be able to solve any problem in this field with ease.

Equality implies equality, and inequality shows that there are five alternative outcomes between the terms/objects being compared. To prepare for bank exams, practise a variety of inequalities questions. In any banking test, you may expect 3–5 questions about inequality. Despite the fact that it is a simpler topic in the reasoning section, it might still be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the fundamental principles. Using a table, we can observe how these parameters interact.

What are inequality reasoning questions?

When a set of components is supplied with a specific coded link marked by, >, =,, or, such problems fall under the category of reasoning inequality. Each of these questions will be followed by a statement that has a list of the items listed in the statement. Inequality symbols such as >, =, and so on will be used to represent the coded relationship between these elements. You’ll be able to better understand a statement if you’re familiar with the numerous symbols and their meanings.

How to Solve Inequality Reasoning Questions?

 Inequality is the simplest and most rewarding issue in banking exams’ Reasoning section. You can use this collection of suggestions for addressing coded and direct inequality problems to get a better understanding of the intricacies. If you have a good grasp of the subject, you can easily score 5 points. As soon as you’ve learned the basics, go back through the material again to refresh your memory.

How to solve Coded Inequality Questions for Bank PO?

Steps to solve coded inequality questions:

  • Step I: Decode the symbols provided, such as @, $, d, #, *, and so on.
  • Step II: Take one conclusion at a time and brainstorm which assertions are important to consider while analysing it.
  • Step III: Combine the appropriate statements using conditions I and II to arrive at a conclusion. They are as follows:
  • Condition 1:  There must be a common phrase.
  • Condition 2: The common word must be less than or equal to one term while also being bigger than or equal to another term.


Because of the increased level of competitiveness in government exams, the difficulty of the exams has risen slightly over time. In order to make the cut, candidates must prioritise the preparation of each topic in each segment of the exam. Coded inequality r questions, as well as the types of questions that may be asked, and several time-saving ways and tricks for answering these questions, were discussed in this debate. Questions about the issue must be answered in order to get a deeper comprehension of it and enhance one’s speed and accuracy in answering them. As a result, people can find solutions to their inequality puzzles by visiting the website for coded inequality reasoning questions.


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