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Arranging Words With Examples

Rearrange Jumbled words are nothing difficult. We have to just arrange the words in a correct way that obeys the laws of grammar and form a meaningful sentence.

When we want to express ourselves we use sentences. We put our emotions in the words we use. For letting others know what we are truly trying to express ourselves we need to properly place the words in the sentences. When we fail to arrange the words properly we lose confidence. We can’t make our thoughts clear to others. That is the reason why we should arrange the words properly and express ourselves clearly to others.

When we go for national competitive exams we come across different types of questions like puzzles, seating arrangements. Among them one of the most common types of questions that come under the topic of REARRANGE THE JUMBLED WORDS. So, what are jumbled words? 

Jumbled Words are nothing but some great physics problems that you need to bang your head-on. Jumbled sentences are a technique for placing jumbled words in a proper sequence to form a sentence such that the importance of the sentences is exhaustive and limited when consolidated. Jumbled sentences are a collection of words that must be put in the correct order to make sense to a sentence. 


Here are a few principles or we can say guidelines that may be used to approach such questions and come up with a well-defined response.

  • Firstly we have to read all the words given in the question.
  • Secondly, after reading the words we have to guess what the words are trying to explain to us.
  • Then try to arrange the words in a meaningful way.
  • The subject comes before the verb, which comes before the object.


  • Identify the point that was supposed to be in the sentence. This will be possible if we look for words that appear frequently in the sentence.
  • If a sentence does not begin with the pronouns ‘You’ or ‘I,’ it is almost guaranteed that it will not be the opening sentence of the passage.
  • If there is an article present in the given words try to apply it at the beginning of the sentence.
  • It is not necessary every time that the name available will always be placed at the beginning of the sentence.

For Example, Rahul is excellent in both sports and studies, 

Here, the name comes in the beginning.

Please send Ram to my office. 

Will you please hand over these documents to Ram?

Here we can see in the above two examples the name is placed between the sentences. Hence, we have to look after the words properly and rearrange the jumbled words in the correct places to form a correct meaningful sentence.

  • There are some ways to rearrange a sentence. These ways are basic, compound, and complex.
  • BASIC SENTENCE – A sentence composed of one condition, with one subject and an action word. For example- Ram played well.
  • COMPOUND SENTENCE – It’s a sentence composed of two conditions and both are related to each other. For Example- Ram played well still he lost the match.
  • COMPLEX SENTENCE -It’s a sentence that comprises a free proviso and at least one ward statement associated with it. For Example- Ram realized he would lose the match, still, he played well.



  • plays/ he/ cricket/ tennis/ and/ both
  • He plays both cricket and tennis.
  • man/ that/ child/ is/ the/ brother/ the/ of
  • That man is the brother of the child.
  • Goa/ are/ planning/ trip/ a/ to/ they
  • They are planning a trip to Goa.
  • Higher/ studies/ Mumbai/ to/ went/ for/ she/ pursuing
  • Salini went to Mumbai to pursue higher studies.
  • tonight/ there/ is/ for/ is/ what/ dinner
  • What is there for dinner tonight?
  • shining/ is/ the/ brightly/ sun
  • The sun is shining brightly.
  • looks/ the/ beautiful/ moon
  • The moon looks beautiful.
  • the/ rises/ the/settle/ in/ west/ east/ sun/ from/ down/ and/ the
  • The sun rises from the East and settles down in the West.


Jumbled words can be scored in competitive exams. You just try to understand what the words are trying to say and place them in proper places. Sentences are the way we try to express ourselves. When we try expressing ourselves in the form of sentences it helps us to gain confidence in ourselves. 


Frequently asked questions

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What are jumbled words?

Ans. The jumbled words are words that are not arranged properly to form a sentence. Jumbled sentences are a techniqu...Read full

Why do we need to rearrange jumbled words?

Ans. We have to arrange the jumbled words to form a proper meaningful sentence.

How many types of sentences are there?

Ans. There are three types of sentences that are formed in English.

What are the three types of sentences in English?

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What do you mean by Basic Sentence?

Ans. A sentence composed of one condition, with one subject and an action word. For example- Ram played well....Read full

What do you mean by compound sentence?

Ans.  A sentence composed of one condition, with one subject and an action word. For example- Ram played well. ...Read full

What do you mean by Complex Sentence?

Ans. It’s a sentence that comprises a free proviso and at least a one-word statement associated with it. For Examp...Read full

What is the basic rule for arranging the words to form a meaningful sentence?

Ans: To form a meaningful sentence out of the jumbled words we have to: The subject precedes the verb, which precede...Read full