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All About Puzzle and Seating Arrangement

The article helps to understand the concept of puzzle and seating arrangements and their importance in our daily lives.

Puzzles are the raw information provided to us for their simplification and arrangement. The question related to the same can only be solved with the use of data interpretation, logical reasoning, and data analysis. It is the most important topic to be covered as many of the national-level exams ask for the logical reasoning aspect to be strong. It needs to be strong because logical reasoning checks your problem-solving skills, and the whole corporate sector is driven by solving problems that arise.

Seating Arrangement is the reasoning skill that requires the arrangement of objects in the data given in accordance with the condition. This is also one of the criteria of judgment in the examination. Seating arrangement not only decides on the level of your reasoning and thinking capabilities but also shows how well versed you are with understanding complicated tasks and how much time it takes you to understand them.


In relation to reasoning with puzzles, there are various kinds of questions; here we have a few of those: –

  • Shape Related Puzzles-

Shapes like Pascal’s Triangle and cube are the more frequent ones that could be seen. The most important thing in shape-related questions is to look through the data and not skip over anything since the information could be a lot more than the other types. Also, the strategy in relation to reasoning with puzzles is to look through the questions first then look into the data since that would make it simpler than going over all the information provided.

Card-Based Puzzles

The card-based puzzles basically involve our normal deck of cards or cards with different attributes. Here is where the need for puzzles and sitting arrangements come into prospect since this game of cards is what we’ve all been playing since our childhood. So rather than winning based on luck, why not win by reasoning and applying logic.

Relational puzzle

The puzzles include the relation between more than 2 parties. The conditions for the relation provide us with most of the information needed for solving the questions. 

To solve these questions, we need to truly recognize the need for puzzles and seating arrangements in reasoning.


Till now, we have learned the need for puzzles and seating arrangement in reasoning and various kinds of questions in relation to reason with puzzles.        

Now we are looking at the various types of questions in relation to seating arrangement: –

Linear Arrangement

We are arranging objects or elements in a line. Their problem requires an arrangement of people in a line based on the conditions provided. The questions can also include in a comparative format. 

Circular Arrangement

Another type is the circular arrangement. In this type, people are arranged around a circle as per the conditions given. It can be sitting in a circle, a circular table, etc.

These are all the various kinds of questions that can be asked in the examinations in relation to reasoning with puzzles and seating arrangement.

Fast response to puzzles and seating arrangement makes a healthy brain. Here’s where we understand the true need for puzzles and seating arrangements. 

Puzzles are like mental exercise for the brain. It boosts your memory, increases your IQ, improves your critical thinking, improves the speed of doing mental questions and reasoning, makes you a better debater with more substance to present, improves your concentration and focusing capacity. 

Whereas Seating Arrangement is important as it analyzes the person’s capability to comprehend the given data and answer the question correctly.


Puzzles and seating arrangements are interesting topics to uncover and would help you out in various aspects. Some other sections that you can take on that correlate to the aforementioned are conditionalities and grouping and tournaments. These are good topics to take on. So, we have learned today about the need for puzzles and seating arrangement in reasoning, questions in relation to puzzles and seating arrangement reasoning, and the health aspect of the same. There are so many puzzle questions available for you to practice and reap the benefits from. It might not all be easy, but as you get into it, you won’t feel the difficulty.


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