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All About Family Tree Questions

A family tree is nothing but the sequence of people in the family according to the generations. It is usually a diagram that will be in sequence to the generations of the family.

A family tree, commonly known as a pedigree or genealogy chart, is indeed a chart that depicts family ties in the form of a traditional tree-like- structure. Genograms are much more comprehensive family trees that are employed in clinical and psychiatric work.

Genealogy information can be seen in a variety of ways, such as a lineage or genealogy chart. The eldest ancestors are usually seen at the base of the tree, while the youth of today are shown at the bottom. A lineage chart, which would be a tree that shows the progenitors of a single person rather than all members of the family, would have a tree-like form, with the top being broader than the bottom.

A person appears just on the left of his or her descendants appear here on the right in certain genealogy charts. In contrast, a lineage chart, that shows most of an individual’s offspring, will be the narrowest near the top.

Certain genealogy, in addition to these forms, could include all people in a given name. One technique is to include those incumbents of said post, like the Monarchs of German, which emphasises the dynasty’s need for marriages to keep them intact.

Family chart questions

Poonam is introduced by Rupesh as the daughter of his dad’s wife’s sole son. What is the relationship between Poonam and Rupesh?

(i) Cousin 

(ii) Niece

(iii) Daughter

iv) Aunt 

Explanation: Break the provided sentence into as many parts as possible.

Continuing to the previous point, My dad’s wife – mother, in Rupesh’s opinion Rupesh, the mother’s only son, is himself. Rupesh’s daughter is Rupesh’s daughter. As a result, the answer is the daughter.

“She seems to be the kind of a mom of a kid of her aunt,” a boy stated when introducing a female.

(i) Cousin

(ii) Niece 

(iii) Daughter 

(iv) Aunt 

Explanation: The supplied statement should be broken as is.

Resolving from the previous, my aunt’s kid – niece

My aunt’s sister’s mother Daughter of my aunt’s cousin

As a result, the answer is a cousin.

U + V denotes that U is V’s brother, W – X denotes that W is S’s father, X Y denotes that X is Y’s sister, and Y Z denotes that Z is Y’s mother.

Which one of the following comments indicates that N is O’s mother?

I)  L + M /* N – O 

ii) L – M* O /P 

iii) N/M* L/ O 

iv) M + L/O*N


Symbolic connection

Clarification: M + L  N denotes that M is L’s brother, L is O’s sister, and N is O’s mother.

As a result, the solution is M + L O N.

Use the option elimination strategy to narrow down your choices.

“His mom is her mom’s only child,” a woman explained, gesturing to a male. What is the relationship between the lady and the guy like?

Aunt (A)

Sister (B)

Cousin (C)

mom (D)


 (D) mom is the solution

(D) mom is the solution Option D is the right answer since the man’s daughter is the woman herself.

Blood relations

Most examinations include a subject on blood relations as half of a thinking portion. The term “blooded connection” refers to the many relationships that exist between relatives. You must determine the relationship between specific family and friends based on the data given. In comparison to several other subjects in the logic part, scoring points in this subject is easy. As a result, one is well in one of the many sorts of family relations.


  • Stage 1: And perhaps the most important step in choosing these two people with whom you could form a connection.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve decided on just 2 persons, identify the intermediary connection among them, i.e. the kind of relationship that allows for a long-term relationship to develop between them.
  • Step 3: Finally, bring together two needed people’s connection to a close. Make sure to use a “*” symbolism to represent a woman’s identity as well as a “-” sign to represent a male sexual gender.


 “This mother’s brother is indeed the sole child of her sister’s husband,” Ajay remarked, gesturing to a girl inside the image. What is the relationship between the woman’s parents and Ajay?

  1. A) Mother
  2. B) Sister
  3. C) Aunt 
  4. A) Mother
  5. E) Neither of the preceding


Ajay’s mother’s brother is the only child of Ajay’s paternal grandfather. As a result, Ajay’s mother’s brother is indeed the girl’s great uncle. As a result, Ajay’s auntie is indeed the baby’s parents.

Tips to solve

  • You (unless you’re a guy) / Brother – my father’s sole son 
  • Same is true for your family’s siblings – Uncle and Elder Aunt.
  • Mom, your father’s wife
  • Dad is the sole son of grandpa and grandma.
  • Mom is grandfather’s/sole grandmother’s daughter-in-law.
  • Aunt – Dad’s sister
  • Grandma’s mom’s mother-in-law
  • Grandpa – mom’s father-in-law
  • The family’s only child – Sister (If Female) / You’re (if Female)
  • Grandpa’s family’s father
  • Grandma of the sister’s husband
  • Nephew – the Sister’s son
  • niece-   the sister’s daughter
  • Brother of the sister’s father’s son
  • Maternal grandma – Mother of the Mother
  • Mother is the sole daughter of her maternal grandmother or grandpa.


In this article, we have discussed the meaning of family tree, detailed study of the family tree, how to solve family tree, family chart questions, and blood relation meaning and questions. The family tree is usually used to make a diagram of the sequence of generations of a particular family.


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