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A Study on Simple and Compound Interest

Word Classification-based questions, test a student’s ability to identify the common features among the given set of words. We will see various examples for word classification along with some FAQs.

Inquiries from the Reasoning Chapter ‘Characterization’ primarily tests the thinking skills of a chance to note and pass judgement on the standard or trademark that three out of four things/words/numbers divides between one another. what is more, the one thing specific/thing/word or range that does not have comparable quality or trademark is that the unusual person that turns into the response. Here you will learn about the classification reasoning and tactics related to it, which will help us solve the question related to the word classification.

Classification Reasoning

More or less, we can say that we should always merely distinguish the conventional component within the three selections out of the four given ones. Be that because it might, there are different sorts/examples of Classification queries. As a significant take a look at the applicant, you must have the choice to handle all Classification queries faster than others.

Such inquiries of Reasoning will bring you very important imprints in speedy time because the inquiries of Classification need the smallest amount of computations given the inquiries square measure verbal and not the numeric ones.

Types of word Classification Questions tricks will be useful in Competition Exams

No.- 1. choosing Odd-Word considering General Things/Words: In such requests, four words (things from the overall life) sharing one typical property area unit given.

No.- 2. choosing Odd-Word considering General Knowledge: In such requests, one wants to understand the legal name of the three selections proposition and this common name is usually established on an expansive knowledge of real factors.

No.- 3. choosing the odd arrangements of words: during these reasonable requests, bound arrangements of words are a unit given out of that the words all told of the matches, aside from one, share a selected typical name. You, as a brand new child in the city area unit, are presupposed to understand the connection and decide to try wherever the word area unit is otherwise connected, which is the reaction.

No.- 4. choosing the Odd Number: during this reasonable Classification query, bound numbers are a unit given, out of that all, aside from one, share a couple of formal relationships or name and thus structure a gathering, whereas one is not such as the remainder. The quantity that stays numerous transforms into the reaction.

No.- 5. choosing the Odd range Pair/Group: during this reasonably Classification queries, bound matches/get-togethers of numbers are a unit given out of that all aside from one set/bundle share close to characteristics. You’re presupposed to map out the try that does not have the terrible property of the reaction.

No.- 6. choosing the Odd Letter Group: during this type of request, usually four social events of letters are a unit given. Three of those letter packs tally one another somehow, whereas one is completely special per the remainder. This odd get-together is truly the correct reaction.

These were some word classification question tricks.

Recognise the odd word

In this characterisation, words imply a few things/objects arranged based on normal properties and elements. You are approached to observe the word that doesn’t fit in the gathering. Check out the accompanying words: fake, artificial, normal, manufactured. As self-evident, ‘normal’ is the odd word here.

Word Classification of Reasoning example question 

Que.- 1. choose the word that is least like varied words within the get-together.






Ans. D

Here, with or while not from Horse, area unit wild animals, whereas Horse is subdued.

Que.- 2. choose the word that is least like varied words within the event.






Ans. B

Here, notwithstanding Bat, have a spot with the category of class (birds), whereas Bat may be a heat full-blooded creature.

Que.- 3. choose the word that is least like varied words within the get-together.






Ans. C

Here, notwithstanding from Brass area unit metals, Brass may be a compound. Hence, the reaction is three.

Que.- 4. choose the word that is least like varied words within the gathering.






Ans. A

Here, aside from the Apple area, unit blooms, whereas Apple may be a natural item.


Classification or Grouping Reasoning Problems are significant from the perspective of a test. Here I am giving Classification of Reasoning Questions and replies to tackle.

Verbal Reasoning Classification Questions and Answers for all Exams like CAT, MAT, MCA, Bank Exams, Bank PO, SBI, Gate, NDA, SSC. Arrangement questions are largely regularly asked in serious Exams.

Classification-based questions test a student’s ability to identify the common features among the given words. In most of the questions, you must figure out the word that is least like the other given words.


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