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A Short Note on Picture Pointing Questions

Blood relations form an integral part of reasoning questions and picture pointing questions are one of the most commonly asked blood relation questions. Let’s discuss.

Blood Relation is among the most essential elements in just about any Aptitude test and for the competitive exam’s logical reasoning portion. To answer a range of queries, learners must have a thorough understanding of blood relationships. Of the many types of blood relations questions that exist, picture pointing questions are among the most asked and simple questions in the logical reasoning section. 

Types of blood relation questions

Puzzle relation

In this sort of question, the applicant is asked to analyse the provided material, create a family tree, and then respond to the question.

Coded relation

Relationships are indicated in such queries by particular codes/symbols like +,-,*,$, per cent, and so on. The applicant should analyse some provided codes to convey a specific relationship in a coded format. 

Jumbled/mixed-blood relation questions

Candidates are given a broad description in the form of specific relationships, and they must evaluate the entire chain of interactions to determine the actual relationship between the people involved. Picture pointing questions belong to this category of blood relation questions in logical reasoning. 

For example

“Her daughter’s father is the son-in-law of my mother,” Usha remarked, pointing to a woman in the photograph.

  1. Aunt
  2. Mother 
  3. Sister
  4. Cousin 
  5. None of the above


Lady’s husband is the father of her daughter. As a result, the lady’s husband is Usha’s mother’s son-in-law, implying that the lady is Usha’s mother’s daughter. As a result, Usha is the lady’s younger sister. As a result, the solution is 3.

Examples of picture pointing questions

“Her only brother is the dad of my daughter’s father,” Amin replied, pointing to a person in the photo. What is the relationship of the person in the photo with Amin?

  1. Aunt 
  2. Father 
  3. Nephew
  4. Sisters
  5. Neither of the above

Explanation and Answer

Answer; Option 1 

Explanation: Amin’s daughter’s father’s father = Amin’s father. 

As a result, the woman is Amin’s father’s sister.

As a result, the individual in the photo is Amin’s aunt.

Nicole added, “Her sister is my dad’s daughter,” pointing to a girl in the photograph. What is the relationship between the girl and Nicole’s father?

  1. Niece
  2. Daughter 
  3. Father
  4. Cousins
  5. None of the above

Explanation and Answer

Explanation: Solved: Option 2

Nicole is the sole daughter of my father. She is the girl’s younger sister in the photos. This indicates that the girl is Monika’s younger sister. As a result, she is Nicole’s father’s daughter.

“He is the son of my brother’s wife,” Jennifer said, pointing to a boy in the photograph. What’s the connection between the boy and Jennifer?

  1. Niece 
  2. Nephew
  3. In-law sister
  4. Mother 
  5. None of the above

Explanation and Answer

Option 2 Explanation: My brother’s wife, also known as my sister-in-law.

Nephew is sister-in-law’s son

Jennifer’s nephew is the boy in the picture.


To summarise: In the logic and reasoning portion of the Aptitude test / competitive exam, picture pointing questions are one of the most frequently asked yet straightforward questions. Applicants will receive a broad description in the form of discrete relationships in these questions, and they must examine the chain of interactions to discover the true connection between the individuals involved. Read through the article thoroughly for better questions and solve questions rigorously to gain mastery.


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