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A Brief Note on Statement and Conclusion

Statement and conclusion is one of the most important sections of questions from the analytical reasoning part of competitive exams. The statement would be given along with possible conclusions.

Statement and conclusion problems have passages or various statements along with some possible outcomes known as conclusions. Some of the conclusions may not be valid whereas some would be easily identifiable . The person reading the problem has the task to identify the correct conclusion using his/her presence of mind and capability to identify the situations correctly. Statement and conclusion is a very systematic and logical type of activity. 

What is a statement? 

When some words are included together and they form a sentence with some meaning it is known as a statement. The conclusion comes into the act just after a statement and hence it is considered to be a judgement or happening which occurs after the statement is taken into consideration.. There are many types of statements based on their number of conclusions possible. There are statements which can give 2 or conclusions and many other types. 

What is the conclusion ? 

Conclusion can be defined as the decision or outcome which happens after a person researches and studies regarding the statements made by a person . The possibilities also need to be understood before reaching the conclusion. 

Types of statement and conclusion

  • Cause and effect statements – The particular type of statements and conclusion is reading the cause of a happening and then the effects which are caused due to the cause itself. The true outcome is identified when the cause makes effects happen and if a particular action leads to the same effects each and every time.. 
  • Action motive – In these types of statement and conclusion problems one action would be seen performing and that action might seem to yield the same reactions and is done for the same motive. 
  • Keywords – The key aspect of solving this statement and conclusion reasoning is to have knowledge and understanding of some famous words . These words are known as keywords. The keywords can be adjectives, verbs, etc. These keywords help in differentiating between things which are actual and which are fake statements. 

Things to do and things not to do while solving statement and conclusion problems . 

Things to do 

  • Read and understand the passage or statements. 
  • Try to avoid small confusions regarding the conclusion being definitely true and partially true or if it has a possibility of being true. The person should be observing the possibilities of the statement being true or false and the extent till which it can be either true or false. 
  • Try to use the keywords as a focus to identify the conclusion as the keywords are in any way connected to the possible ending of the statement. 

Things not to do 

    • Do not select the conclusion in a haste without understanding the statement and without examining the possible conclusions. 
  • Do not follow your notion blindly without proper proof


Statement and conclusion based logical reasoning is a very important topic on which questions are made for  Bank PO etc. Attention to the questions and the possible outcome is enough for the problems of statement and conclusion to be solved


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