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Understanding About Basic Concepts of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology rapidly releases or stores data without the effort of the management or the interaction of the service provider. Cloud computing refers to the delivery of the host service over the shared network by using computer resources like network, device, application and services. Cloud computing helps to minimise the data lag in the system by sequentially managing the data integration process in the shared network in the system. Cloud computing has been provided as a service to the customers by using the internet and data technology. Cloud hosting networks can solve any requirements of the IT business solution for managing data in the system.

Explain the basic concept of cloud computing

Two main concepts of cloud computing are the service model and the deployment model that provide resources in the shared network for the important services. These models are useful for making cloud computing useful for the user networks. The services of cloud computing are divided into three main components like infrastructure service (IaaS), platform service (PaaS) and software service (SaaS). These three models are the main components of cloud computing technology as these help the user network to make use of the cloud networks in the organisation.

Description of the components of cloud computing

The four basic components of cloud computing are infrastructure service (IaaS), software service (SaaS), platform service (PaaS) and business process services (BaaS). The core elements of cloud computing are data, network, hardware and software. An efficient cloud service requires an IDA network that can summarise the task and convert the task into a manageable form. In the cloud network, the deletion of the identities is processed on-demand or at the time of the integration process. The cloud-based application is required to have its authentication process for the sharing of the network within the common service.

What are the deployment models of cloud computing?

The deployment model in cloud computing refers to the type of access to the network that is the process of sharing the common network. Deploy net models define that the cloud network can be accessed by the four types such as public cloud, private cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud. 

Public cloud computing

A public cloud network provides information and data free, easily accessible by the general public. Public cloud networks are less authentic networks as these networks are open for all to use or manipulate data.

Private cloud network

Private cloud networks confirm using systems and services within the organisation or in the closet network. This network is more secure than the public cloud as this cloud requires verification and authentication for access to the data in the organisation.

Hybrid cloud model

The hybrid cloud model refers to the mixed network of public cloud and private cloud models. The critical activities are processed by the private cloud network and non-critical activities are processed by the public cloud network.

Explain the Service model

Service models are the main components of cloud computing and the process of the cloud network has been categorised into three service models.

IaaS (Infrastructure service)

IaaS is the basic component of cloud computing that provides access to fundamental computer resources like servers, storage and virtual machines.

PaaS (Platforms service)

PaaS refers to the on-demand access to the complete and cloud-hosted platform for running and developing the application in the organisation of the system.

SaaS (Software service)

The software cloud service process refers to the on-demand access to the cloud software for managing cloud-host software applications in the organisation.

Use of cloud computing

  • Cloud computing services are economic and they can help the customer to access and use the IT capabilities
  • IaaS helps the customer to configure the virtual networks and servers at a low cost.
  • Customers can operate and configure the server by graphical dashboard or by the application infrastructure software.
  • Cloud computing gives faster access to the most common technology in the shared network.
  • Infrastructure testing and development of the software can be processed by using the three service models in cloud computing.
  • PaaS enables the software development team to adapt new3 technology by securing the software testing process without any risk.

Issues in cloud computing

  • Privacy is the main issue of cloud computing where the user information can be accessed by the host network without any confirmation.
  • Compliance is another issue in cloud computing where the data sharing process needs to be compiled with rules and regulations.
  • The security issue is the third major issue as cloud computing services use third parties to store data and share a common network.


The above study indicates that cloud computing is useful for the deployment of software in the common network or hybrid network. Cloud computing helps to build IT infrastructure and develops the application for software integration within the system or organisation. The study illustrates that software and hardware is the most crucial element for cloud computing in hybrid and private networks.


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