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Hacking a computer means taking control of the system without the approval of the owner. It is classified as black hat and white hat hackers. Read it all.

There is a lot of debate on who is a hacker and what hacking means. Some people classify hackers as black hat hackers, who gain access to systems without permission and use their knowledge for malicious reasons. Others call all people who are skilled in computer programming “hackers,” including white hat hackers, who use their skills for good instead of evil. No matter what definition you choose to go by, one thing is for sure: hacking is a skill that can be used for both good and bad. In this blog post, we will explore who is a hacker, the different types of hackers, and discuss how you can become a hacker yourself!

Who is a hacker?

Hacking a computer system means gaining access to the system without permission. A hacker uses his or her knowledge of computer systems to gain access to information that they are not authorized to see. After discussing who is a hacker let’s discuss it in detail.

What are several types of hackers?

There are several types of hackers which include grey hats hackers, black hats hackers, white hats hackers, script kiddies, hacktivists, and preakher.

Grey hats hackers:  Grey hats hackers are those who work on the borderline of hacking. They may break into systems without permission, but they also report any vulnerabilities they find to the company so that they can be fixed.

Black hats hackers:  Black hats hackers are those who illegally gain access to systems for personal gain. They often sell the information they find on the black market or use it to commit fraud.

White hats hackers:  White hats hackers are those who break into systems with permission to find and fix vulnerabilities. They often work for companies that provide security services.

Script kiddies:  Script kiddies are those who use scripts and tools that have been created by others to hack systems. They often don’t know how the tools work, they just use them because they are easy to find and use.

Hacktivists:  Hacktivists are those who use hacking to promote a political or social cause. They often break into systems without permission to leak information or deface websites.

Preakher:  Preakher is a hacker who specializes in breaking into computer systems, particularly those used by governments and large corporations. They often have a lot of knowledge about networking and security.

How do hackers gain access to systems without permission?

Black hat hackers are those who gain access to the systems without permission and use their knowledge for illegal activities. White hat hackers are those who hack for good, to find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by black hat hackers. 

Both types of hackers use the same techniques, but for different reasons. Some of the most common techniques include:

– Exploiting vulnerabilities in systems

– Social engineering (tricking people into giving away their passwords or other information)

– Phishing (sending fake emails that look like they’re from a trusted source, to get people to click on links or open attachments that contain malware)

– Malware (software that is designed to harm or take control of a computer)

– Doxing (finding and publishing personal information about someone online)

– Botnets (networks of computers that are infected with malware and can be controlled by hackers)

How to prevent computer your computer from hacking?

There are several precautions that you can take from protecting your computer from hacking which include:

– using strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed

– installing a good antivirus program and keeping it up to date

– being careful about the websites you visit and the files you download

– Use a firewall to protect your computer from unauthorized access

What are the devices that can be hacked easily?

Devices that can be hacked easily by a hacker are smart, webcams, routers, and emails.

Smart devices:   Smart devices are devices that connect to the internet and can be controlled by a hacker. They include smart TVs, thermostats, and lightbulbs.

Webcams:  Webcams are cameras that are connected to the internet and can be accessed by a hacker. They can be used to spy on people or take pictures without their knowledge.

Routers:  Routers are devices that connect multiple computers to the internet. They are often targeted by hackers because they provide access to many systems.

Email:  Email is a common way for hackers to gain access to systems. They often send fake emails that look like they’re from a trusted source, to get the information.


Hackers come in all shapes and sizes and can be classified as either black hat or white hat hackers. Both types of hackers are motivated for different reasons, but their ultimate goal is the same: to gain access to the systems without permission. While black hat hackers are often portrayed as criminals or villains in the media, white hat hackers are often seen as heroes who are working to protect our systems and data. In this blog, we dealt with who is a hacker,  how hackers gain access to the system without permission, and hackers are classified as black hat and white ghat hackers. In the end, it’s important to remember that all hackers are not the same, and we should be careful to not paint them with a single brush. Thanks for reading!


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