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A Brief Note on System Softwares

System software means to run hardware and application programs on a computer system primarily the operating system. System software is mainly used to manage and maintain the computer system.

System software is an integral part of the computer system. It is designed to support and run hardware and application programs in a computer system. This basically runs in the background and manages basic functions that maintain the computer’s high-level running capacity to perform tasks in a smooth manner.

Basically, we can say that in other words, a system software provides a platform to run another software in a computer system that determines the smooth functioning and the capacity to perform certain assigned tasks. Other software that a system software runs is basically called application software and the running of application software is directly connected to the presence of system software in the computer system. They operate directly on hardware devices and support smooth functioning and good task performance.


An operating system is the best example of system software as we know that using a windows operating system you can operate any application software in your system just Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, etc.


As we know that assistant software helps to run the hardware in the system. Every computer has hardware in it but it is not enough to run applications like Microsoft office set. For that, you need a system software so that the hardware will run on it and it will operate applications that the user will use. In other words, we can say that without a system software your application software cannot be used or operated in any way.


  •       It is present very close to the computer system
  •       It generates fast speed running processes for hardware and application software in your computer system
  •       Nobody can manipulate a system software easily
  •       It is written in a very simple language that is understood by everyone
  •       It is very difficult to design a system software
  •       It is versatile in nature as it is able to connect and communicate to both the hardware and the application software that is running on the computer system.


The computer system has basically three types of system software present in it. They are mainly the application programs that the system software is running on, device drivers that can be used externally or otherwise, and the operating systems. There are many other types of system software present like middleware, utility software, windowing system, etc


Windows OS- the windows operating system is one of the most famous and well-known system software all around the world which is used by most laptops and computer systems nowadays. By using the Windows operating system anyone can install applications like Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft office applications, etc.

Mac OS- the Mac operating system is also one of the most popular operating systems in the world other than the windows operating system. It contributes a lesson percentage of its market share but it is one of the most widely used system software. There is no restriction in Windows or Mac for any application software.

Chrome OS- the Chrome operating system is not very popular in the market worldwide but it is a web internet-based operating system and software that mainly powers and contributes to Chromebooks which is a kind of laptop sold by many technology and application companies.

Ubuntu- Ubuntu is an operating system that works and runs on Linux. It doesn’t need any registration and is open to use and this is what attracts its consumers towards it. It has its own software centre from where people can download applications according to their choices and also this system software is safe to run applications like Firefox, Zoom, etc.

Some important tasks

The operating system’s most important responsibility is to take care of the functioning of the software and hardware programs and resources. It controls and maintains all the program-related records.

Below are some of the important tasks performed by the operating system.

  1.     Management of files. For any application or system software or program, the operating system decides the order and what amount of power is to be allowed from the CPU.
  2.     Memory management and processor control. For any process to be carried out by the computer system, the operating system allocates a part of the computer’s memory till the time the process is finished.
  3.     Error correction. The Operating system is responsible to find errors and debug the required.
  4.     Security. There is a very low chance for someone to come in and protect the apps from unauthorised interventions.
  5.     Controls. Every single instruction given to the computer via high-level program languages is converted into a simpler language that can be understood by the computer and processed by the CPU.


System software controls and manages the functioning of hardware systems and other software on the computer system through an operating system. The operating system is responsible for managing the computer software and hardware and its resources.

These software systems are getting updated and upgraded regularly on the base of IT-related innovations. The future years are the years of innovation.


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