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Yokohama strategy
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This course includes important environmental conventions in simple language and in an easy way. It mainly concentrates on beginners to get them with their basics. It also aims to generate interest among the viewers on the topic and also learning with fun.

Pillai Sruthi P Kumar
Pursuing MSc (botany, Cytogenetics), Mumbai University. Youtuber#sruthipillai. Work as a Biofaculty @MtEducare (reputed institute) Mumbai

Unacademy user
Hi Roman. Please suggest! I was having a kind photographic memory past 7yrs, but after that I became nicotine dependent. However I have quit it past 4 yrs but It have affected my memory severely. I am practicing to get that kind of memory back but no luck yet. Frequently I am able to memorize but its occasionally. I believe its like short term memory. I was admitted at hospital for treating epilepsy as per doctor. Actually my left leg was losing energy and doctor (neurosurgeon) said it was brain related issue. I was on IVP for 12 day(twice a day). And No idea what he injected me. I was feeling full of energy I believe it was nerve tonic medicines. Starting 2nd to 4th day I was able to memorize lot same like 7yrs before. I am still practicing but no sufficient result. Even my writing and speaking ability is affected. Please guide, it will a lot for me.
Dinesh Singh
3 years ago
same problem brother... I've even lost confidence for many things. I hardly like meeting people... but sometimes I just push myself to do stuffs and sometimes I run away.. and yeah about learning, if I see any video 2-3 times and become an expert in that topic, I forget almost everything about that topic after 10-20 days.... I felt like commenting here.. also to get a notification if someone suggest anything..
Rishikesh Sharma
3 years ago
Yeah! finding damn hard to rectify it.........
  1. Pillai Sruthi P Kumar ' BSc. Botany (graduate) Graduate (Visharad) in Hindustani Classical Mu Trained Bharatnatyam Classical Dancer. A passionate speaker. . A civil service aspirant. Please do rate, review and recommend if you genuinely liked my will definitely make a difference in my life... Follow me through unacademy app for future notifications...

  2. Objective .This course will complete the remaining three chapters (12th ncert) part by part included in the portion of topic ENVIRONMENT' important for GS section of UPSC exam. The main objective is to explain the concepts as simply as possible, to clear the basics, especially focuses on beginners, and tries to generate an interest among viewers by being more creative. Source 12th ncert

  3. Target audience UPSC aspirants .SSC .CDS Railway etc.

  4. Yokohama strategy Japan) message emanating The Yokohama from the international decade for natural disaster reduction in may, 1994 underlined the need for an emphatic shift in the strategy for disaster mitigation It was stressed that disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and relief are elements which contribute to and gain, from the implementation of the sustainable development policies 4

  5. These elements along with environmental protection and sustainable development, are closely inter - related Therefore, nations should incorporate them in their development plans and ensure efficient follow-up measure at th community, sub - regional, regional, national and international levels it also emphasized that disaster prevention, mtigation enu preparedness are better than disaster response in achieving the goals and objectives of vulnerability reduction Disaster response alone is not sufficient as it

  6. Prevention and mitigation contribute to lasting improvement in safety and are essential to integrated disastar management It is chear from the, Yokuhama message that more needs to be done in preparing for preventive measures rather than placing more emphasis on disaster relief, which at present appears to be the only policy of most of the governments at all levels. While disaster relief measures hog the limelight, prevention activities in connection with disaster mitigation and

  7. In view of the Yokohhama discussions, the government of India has adopted mitigation and prevention as essential components of their development strategy It is important that plans should aim at long -term development taking disaster possibility in each region in to account The detailed chapter on disaster management tenth 5 year plan document has Each state is supposed to prepare a plan scheme for disaster mitigation in accordance with the approach outlined in the plan

  8. v In brief, mitigation is being institutionalized in to develop mentas pansaized m developmental planning This is indeed a welcome development strategy Funds would be allocated to disaster mitigation activities at all levels