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12th ncert - Controlling Vehicular Air Pollution : A Case Study In Delhi
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This course includes Controlling Vehicular Air Pollution : A Case Study In Delhi in simple language and in an easy way. It mainly concentrates on beginners to get them with their basics. It also aims to generate interest among the viewers on the topic and also learning with fun.

Pillai Sruthi P Kumar
Pursuing MSc (botany, Cytogenetics), Mumbai University. Youtuber#sruthipillai. Work as a Biofaculty @MtEducare (reputed institute) Mumbai

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is good to critically exam American position in exam like they started done all this for oil and their CIA trained a part of is.
Thank you😊
Nyc , Superb presentation....will u need something more than this.....?
Thank you so much😊
Sorry could not get u...will u clarify ur question please?
that's actually not a question...... that's just in form of a question with a most positive response for the PRESENTATION......🤩 M in doubt why can't u get meaning of that with 15 km difference......😂
oh...k... Thank you😊👍
Yes, Delhi is polluted a lot in recent years, meanwhile we have developed an uncanny immune against this😂
that's really True 😂😂
mera padosi state kachra vala hai
  1. Pillai Sruthi P kumar Sc Botany graduatc Graduate(Vishardd) in Hindustani classica music Trained classical danter CBharatnatiaml rassionate speaker Please do rate ,review re ommend if you genuinel, like my videos 2)

  2. Conbeling Vehuular Air polluhun A Case Study fDelh Delhi leading in its levels of air polltion Tt has moe cars hanthe slates of Gujarat and blesl 1n the 1390's , delhi ranked 1th among the 1 musl polluted ites in he world

  3. the conierned fuel Gool - toredute sulphur to 5oppnm in petxol and diesel and bring down the level to 3s Corresponding to the fuel, vehicle engines ill also need to be upgraded

  4. aral StageCuI noms N/ 4 CHENNAI SURAT BANCTALOR Applicable a mobiles houghoul the counb April 1 , 2005

  5. qutbmobiles an and diesel ee tb have met the (uo- emision specifi cations April 1, 2olo All the other parts of the counby i have Euro IT emission nom compliant autbmobiles and fuels by 2oLo

  6. D Publi Tniest litgation CPIL) It has fi led in the supreme Count of India against the air pollution roblems. 2) The government as osked tu takt, Yuilt in a specified time period, 4ppo Driate measures entive fleeof public diesel tt CNG 2) All the buses of Delhi ue conver tedl b run on CNG by the end o2002

  7. The difficul of laing dodn elines to deliver CNG through istributien points pump and

  8. is beler than diese! ? CNburns most efici ently > unlike pebol /diesel, in the autbmobi les and ttle of it is left unburbt CNG is cheapey than pebo diesel. Jt cannot be siphoned oPP b thieves and ddulterated like pebol or diesel- l/ -

  9. Phasing out of old vthicles - use of unleaded ptbro use of low- sulphur pebrol and diesel use of catal hc convevttr5 in Vehicles applicathion of stngent ve) nrms for vehicles , etc

  10. A new auls fuel poliuj has laid vut a amp t& cul down vehitular pollution n 1nian uhes Moe Stmnqent noms for fues lead s to r cluttion of sulphu and aromatics contenl in pebol and diesel fuels eg FuT normS -sulphur be Contolled at 3so parts - per - million CPPm) n d.esel and