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Yokohama strategy (in hindi)
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This course includes important environmental conventions in simple language and in an easy way. It mainly concentrates on beginners to get them with their basics. It also aims to generate interest among the viewers on the topic and also learning with fun.

Pillai Sruthi P Kumar
Pursuing MSc (botany, Cytogenetics), Mumbai University. Youtuber#sruthipillai. Work as a Biofaculty @MtEducare (reputed institute) Mumbai

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  2. Yokohama strategy The Yokohama (Japan) international decade for natural disaster reduction in may 1994 underlined the need for an emphatic shift in the strategy for disaster mitigation message emanating from the It was stressed that disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and relief are 4 elements which contribute to and gain, from the implementation of the sustainable development policies

  3. These elements along with environmental protection and sustainable development, are closely inter-related Therefore, nations should incorporate them in their development plans and ensure efficient follow-up measure at the community, sub - regional, regional, national and international levels It also emphasized that preparedness the goals and objectives of vulnerability reduction disaster prevention, mitigation and are better than disaster response in achieving Disaster response alone is not sufficient as it yields only temporary results at a very high cost

  4. Prevention and mitigation contribute to improvement in safety and are essential to integrated disaster management lasting It is clear from the, Yokohama mes sage that more needs to be done in preparing for preventive measures rather than placing more emphasis on disaster relief, which at present e he n ments at all levels. While disaster relief measures hog the limelight, prevention activities in connection with disaster mitigation and prevention do not get the same attention from the media as well as people

  5. In view of the Yokohhama discussions, the government of India has adopted mitigation and prevention as essential components of their development strategy It is important that plans should aim at long -term development taking disaster possibility in each region in to account The tenth 5 year plan disaster management document has a detailed chapter on Each state is supposed to prepare a plan scheme for disaster mitigation in accordance with the approach outlined in the plan

  6. In brief, mitigation is being institutionalized in to developmental planning This is indeed a welcome development strategy Funds would be allocated to disaster mitigation activities at all levels