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Subordinate Clauses as Noun
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Here, we will have a discussuion on subordinate clause as noun clause.

Devika Bahl
Student of english literature. Passionate about teaching. Clinomaniac. dreamer. Explorer. Follow me for lessons on literature and language.

Unacademy user
can you explain me how to find of n degree equation
Shivi Tomar
8 months ago
sorry can you explain me how to find roots of N degree equation
  1. SENTENCE SYNTHESIS Subordinate clauses part I

  2. About me NAME- devika bahl Student of english literature Delhi university Passionate about teaching, reading etc Follow me at- Rate, review, recommend and share

  3. SUBORDINATE CLAUSE A NOUN EXAMPLES you are drunk. That aggravates your offence that you are drunk aggravates your offence

  4. 2. he will be late. That is certain. it is certain that he will be late 3. you are repentant.I will not forget it. I will forget that you are repentant. 4. he may be innocent. I do not know.

  5. Exercise 1. he is wrong. I am sure 2. you deceived him. That was his complaint. 3. the train will arrive at a certain time Do you know the time? 4. he will waste his time. That is certain

  6. THANK roU ANY estions? questions?