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Coordinative Conjunctions: Part 2
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Here we will learn the usage of coordinative conjunctions.

Devika Bahl
Student of english literature. Passionate about teaching. Clinomaniac. dreamer. Explorer. Follow me for lessons on literature and language.

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  1. be The neighbor who W because Sentence synthesis gibor neighbor often Using adjectives part who ow wn

  2. ABOUTME . NAME- devika bahl Student of english literature Delhi university . Passionate about teaching, reading etc . Follow me at- . Rate, review, recommend and share

  3. ALTERNATIVE . Conjunctions which express a choice between two alternatives are called alternative. . It will be noticed that the conjunctions or either...or, neither...or, express a choice between two alternatives

  4. EXAMPLES .i. he was obstinate. He was punished he was obstinate; therefore he was punished. 2, I cannot see. It is very dark. I cannot see, for it is very dark

  5. ILLATIVE . Conjunctions which express an inference are . It will noticed that the conjunctions called illative. therefore, for, so, etc., join sentences in which one statement is inferred from the other

  6. EXAMPLES 1. Abdul is ill. He cannot study. He still attends school Abdul is ill and cannot study, yet he still attends school

  7. THANK roU ANY questions