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A basic overview of what you should expect from this course.

Devika Bahl
Student of english literature. Passionate about teaching. Clinomaniac. dreamer. Explorer. Follow me for lessons on literature and language.

Unacademy user
very nice class thank you Mam
thanks ma'am!!!
Devika Bahl
2 years ago
anytime :)
  1. SENTENCE SYNTHESIS OVERVIEW sent get need 11 need empt program last procedures character

  2. ABOUT ME Name- Devika Bahl . English literature student . Delhi university Keen interest in teaching and reading . Follow me . Rate, review, recommend and share

  3. ABOUT THIS COURSE SIHPLE SENTENCES subject phrase words

  4. TARGET AUDIENCE . Especially for beginners for have just started exploring the vast expanse for English language bit tricky and complex Their writing skills in English language . For all who find sentence formation a . All those who are trying to enhance

  5. OBJECTIVE . Basic introduction to clauses The general concepts of how to form simple, compound and complex sentences . Various exercise and skill Enhancement questions for clearer understanding

  6. OVERVIEW . Basic sentence formation PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Examples and quiz . Analysis of clauses Combination of simple sentences . Various ways of combining the sentences . Exercise questions and short MCQ TEST

  7. THANK VoU ANY questions?