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Subordinate Clauses as an Adjective
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Here we will have a discussion of subordinate clause as an adjective clause.

Devika Bahl
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mam describe in detail and give answers to the exercises
Devika Bahl
2 years ago
in the upcoming courses i'll try to include the answers as well. as far as this course is concerned, incase you are not able to solve any of these question feel free to ask.
  1. write on. tr on SENTENCE SYNTHESIS Subordinate adjective clauses

  2. ABOUT ME NAME- devika bahl o Student of english literature o Delhi university o Passionate about teaching, reading etc o Follow me at- o Rate, review, recommend and share

  3. EXAMPLES o 1. a fox once met a lion. The fox had never seen a lion before a fox who had never seen a lion before he met him o 2. she keeps her ornaments in a safe. This is the safe. this is the safe where she keeps her ornaments.

  4. EXERCISE 1. a cottager and his wife had a hen. The hen o 1. a cottager and his wife had a hen. The hen o 2. the theft was committed last night. The o 3. you are not keeping good health lately. e 4. this is the school. I was taught here. laid an egg everyday. The egg was golden man has been caught. Can you tell me the reason.

  5. THANK ANY ANY questions?