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Coordinative Conjunctions: Part 1
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usage of coordinative conjunctions PART 1

Devika Bahl
Student of english literature. Passionate about teaching. Clinomaniac. dreamer. Explorer. Follow me for lessons on literature and language.

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thanks ma'am I am happy with your videos.
Devika Bahl
2 years ago
happy to help :)

  2. ABOUT ME O NAME- devika bahl o Student of english literature o Delhi university Passionate about teaching, reading etc o Follow me at- o Rate, review, recommend and share

  3. INTRODUCTION Simple sentences may be combined to form compound sentences by the use of co-ordinative conjunctions Four different kinds- a) Cumulative b) c) Alternative d) Adversative illative

  4. EXAMPLES o 1. the night came on. The room grew dark. night came on and the room grew dark. o 2. the wind blew. The rain fell. The lightening flashed the wind blew, the rain flew, and the lightening flashed.

  5. CUMULATIVE o Conjunctions which merely add one IG statement to another are called cumulative.

  6. EXAMPLES I. he us slow. He Is sure. he is slow BUT he is sure. o 2. I was annoyed. I kept quiet. I was annoyed, STILL, YET I kept quiet.

  7. ADVERSATIVE Conjunctions which express opposition or contrast between two statements are called adversative

  8. EXAMPLES o 1. make haste. You will be late. make haste OR you will be late. o 2. come in. go out. come in OR go out.

  9. HANK roU ANY questions?