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Introduction to Synthesis of Sentences
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This lesson gives a basic overview of various ways of combining two or more sentences.

Devika Bahl
Student of english literature. Passionate about teaching. Clinomaniac. dreamer. Explorer. Follow me for lessons on literature and language.

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hello sir my math is very weak sir please please teach me
Nisha stay connected with me... it's my promise you get maximum marks in maths... watch my all lectures of maths .. it definitely helps you..
thanks ma'am :-)
Devika Bahl
2 years ago
my pleasure :)

  2. ABOUT ME Name-Devika Bahl Student of english literature Passionate about teaching, reading etc Rate, review, recommend and share o Delhi university o Follow me at-

  3. SYNTHESIS o Opposite of analysis and means combination of a number of simple sentences into one new sentence sentences could be combined by using various methods- such as

  4. o By using a participle o By using a noun or phrase in apposition o By using a preposition with a noun By using an infinitive o By using an adverb or adverbial phrase

  5. COORDINATIVE CONJUNCTION o simple sentences may be combined to form compound sentences by the use of co-ordinative cunjunctions o Four types of conjunctions

  6. NAMELY o Cumulative o Adversative o Alternative Illative

  7. THANK roU THON ANY questions?